4. How are you feel­ing now?

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The mince pies are out of the oven, and Holly has re­turned from shop­ping.

Holly: Hello, love! Oh, it smells

amaz­ing in here. The mince pies look fan­tas­tic. Did the boys help, or did you end up mak­ing them on your own?

Chris: No, they helped. They made

them­selves scarce while I was clean­ing up, though. They’re out play­ing foot­ball now. Fancy some tea and a mince pie? Holly: I’d love a cup of tea and a

mince pie!

Chris: How did the shop­ping go? I can’t be­lieve you went into town on a Satur­day so close to Christ­mas. You re­ally are a glut­ton for pun­ish­ment.

Holly: It wasn’t that bad ac­tu­ally.

I got ev­ery­thing I wanted, which is good.

Chris: How’s the mince pie? It’s good,

isn’t it?

Holly: (with her mouth full) De­li­cious!

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