Hurry up!

Spotlight - - THE LIGHTER SIDE -

One evening, a woman hears sounds com­ing from her gar­den. She looks out of the win­dow and sees three men break­ing into her garage. She calls the po­lice, but they tell her it could take a while, be­cause they don’t have any­one in her area. The woman puts the phone down, counts to 30 and then calls again. “I just rang about some bur­glars,” she says. “Well, you don’t have to worry now. I’ve shot them all.” Within five min­utes, there are six po­lice cars out­side her house, and the bur­glars are caught. One of the of­fi­cers ap­proaches the woman. “I thought you said you’d shot them.” The woman replies, “And I thought you said there was no one in my area.”

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