Choose the correct meaning of each highlighte­d word or phrase.

A. Taking to Newcastle. a cake to my mum’s is like taking coals ○ 1. It’s a great idea.

○ 2. It’s a waste of time.

B. The crowd gave their team a big Bronx cheer.

○ 1. They applauded wildly.

○ 2. They booed and showed their disapprova­l.

C. He’s been sent to Coventry by his workmates.

○ 1. No one will talk to him.

○ 2. They give him all the worst jobs.

D. The company’s employees think the directors

are fiddling while Rome burns.

○ 1. They’re not dealing with the big problems. ○ 2. They’re taking massive risks.

E. The room is shipshape and Bristol fashion.

○ 1. It’s tidy and well organized. ○ 2. It’s messy and disorganiz­ed.

F. He’s finally met his Waterloo.

○ 1. He’s won at last.

○ 2. He’s been defeated at last.

○ G. 1. He’s He only won’t moved be living to Zurich, in the middle not Timbuktu. of nowhere. ○ 2. He hasn’t died.

H. I don’t want to lie back and think of England.

○ 1. I’m not tired.

○ 2. I’m not willing to accept bad sex.

I. It’s the Manchester derby on Saturday.

○ 1. Manchester City are playing Derby County. ○ 2. Manchester City are playing Manchester


J. I like the idea for the new ad, but will it play in Peoria? ○ 1. How will people in small towns react to it? ○ 2. How will people in big cities react to it?

K. We had an Indian summer last year.

○ 1. It was an extremely hot summer.

○ 2. We had a period of warmer weather at the

end of the summer and into autumn.

L. He made his decision in a New York minute.

○ 1. He made his decision quickly.

○ 2. He took a long time to make his decision.

 ?? ?? As pointless as selling sand in the desert: taking coals to Newcastle
As pointless as selling sand in the desert: taking coals to Newcastle

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