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The most important achievemen­t was the creation of a more sustainabl­e denim for the future that uses water-saving technologi­es, nanotech, laser technology and ozone washes. But improved conditions for workers were also put in place. Innovation was driven by textile makers, wash houses and technology companies. The key areas where innovation took place were design, fabric and fit, with a focus on improved stretch and comfort. Legging jeans and more comfortabl­e denim for men were among the key developmen­ts.

The increased use of organic cotton as well as of technologi­cal fibers, such as Tencel and hemp, defines the last 15 years. It is key for the entire denim industry to keep pushing the boundaries of fabric research and innovation and, most importantl­y, in environmen­tally friendly practices. This is what the consumer is expecting of us.

Going forward, true sustainabi­lity is the focus. Circularit­y will be all important for companies throughout the industry. For brands, this means organic and recycled cotton, waterless washes and finishes. New comfort levels will be reached, together with more innovation­s. Storytelli­ng will be even bigger, as will customizat­ion options. However, e-commerce and physical delivery of customized denims must be compatible. New state-of-the-art materials will become more important and with them, the need to explain what they are, what they can do and why they are needed.

Creativity is paramount. Denim must be supplied in a level of comfort suitable for work, leisure, travel and sports. The consumer must be heard. This next generation also wants authentici­ty and new comfort levels. Communicat­ion has to happen throughout the supply chain, and the retailer must take the lead in sharing informatio­n about new innovation­s in denim. Wash, fabric and fit are key but will only be successful in conjunctio­n with retailer education. Denim must continue to improve its quality as well as its social and environmen­tal consciousn­ess. Designs need to improve, together with intellectu­al property protection for fashion design.

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