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The red th­read across the work of Bra­zi­lian-born artist Eduardo Kobra is his ka­lei­do­sco­pic art. He is using squa­res and trian­gles to bring peo­ple to li­fe, usual­ly in lar­ger-than-li­fe mu­rals. Wi­thin the geo­me­tric forms, he mi­xes stri­king co­lors, whi­ch dra­ws at­ten­tion to all of his work, whe­ther it is di­splayed in a gal­le­ry or on a ci­ty wall. Kobra wan­ts to de­mo­cra­ti­ze art by tur­ning the stree­ts in­to a big open-air gal­le­ry. The artist tran­sforms ci­ty­sca­pes wi­th his art and con­ti­nuou­sly crea­tes a stark con­tra­st bet­ween his pain­tings and the set­tings they are found in. His use of bru­shes, air­bru­sh and spray cans brings to li­fe fa­mous

peo­ple and hi­sto­ri­cal fi­gu­res but al­so pays a tri­bu­te to the ano­ny­mous fa­ces span­ning dif­fe­rent cul­tu­res, tra­di­tions and eth­ni­ci­ties. Kobra ma­na­ges to un­der­li­ne the true beauty of all of his su­b­jec­ts. The artist uses me­tho­di­cal grid plan­ning to com­ple­te his lar­ger-than-li­fe por­trai­ts. One of them, crea­ted du­ring the Olym­pics in Bra­zil, is now the lar­ge­st graf­fi­ti work on re­cord. Ma­ny of his works in­clu­de a mes­sa­ge of uni­ty and ac­cep­tan­ce of others. His work can be seen on dif­fe­rent con­ti­nen­ts. www.eduar­do­ko­

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