Wind power gen­er­a­tion boosts sig­nif­i­cantly

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Azerbaijan’s wind farms pro­duced 14.1 mil­lion kilo­watt hours of elec­tric­ity in Jan­uary-July 2018, which is 63.9 per­cent more than in the same pe­riod of last year, while so­lar power plants gen­er­ated 23.4 mil­lion kilo­watt hours of elec­tric­ity, a re­port of the State Sta­tis­tics Com­mit­tee said.

The State Agency for Al­ter­na­tive and Re­new­able En­ergy Sources says that the country’s wind en­ergy po­ten­tial is 350 megawatts, 50 megawatts ac­count for so­lar en­ergy, and dur­ing the next few years it will be pos­si­ble to reach the level of 20 megawatts in bioen­ergy.

Azerbaijan’s power plants gen­er­ated 13.5 bil­lion kilo­watt hours of elec­tric­ity in Jan­uary-July 2018, thus show­ing an in­crease of 2.6 per­cent com­pared to the same pe­riod of 2017, ac­cord­ing to the re­port.

As many as 12.99 bil­lion kilo­watt hours of the to­tal elec­tric­ity gen­er­ated in the re­port­ing pe­riod ac­counted for com­mer­cial elec­tric­ity, which is 3.1 per­cent more than in Jan­uary-July 2017.

Ther­mal power plants gen­er­ated 11.77 bil­lion kilo­watt hours of to­tal com­mer­cial elec­tric­ity in Jan­uary-July 2018 that is 3.5 per­cent more than in the cor­re­spond­ing pe­riod of 2017.

Azerbaijan’s hy­dro power plants gen­er­ated 1.18 bil­lion kilo­watt hours of com­mer­cial elec­tric­ity in Jan­uaryJuly 2018, or 1.5 per­cent less com­pared to the same in­di­ca­tor of 2017.

Azeren­erji OJSC is the main elec­tric­ity pro­ducer in Azerbaijan. The com­pany owns hun­dreds of sub­sta­tions and dozens of power sta­tions. The elec­tric­ity gen­er­a­tion ca­pac­ity of Azerbaijan is 7,172.6 megawatts, which makes it pos­si­ble to an­nu­ally gen­er­ate about 24 bil­lion kilo­watt hours of elec­tric­ity.

This al­lows Azerbaijan to an­nu­ally ex­port 2.1 bil­lion kilo­watt hours of elec­tric­ity.

To­day, the share of al­ter­na­tive en­ergy sources in the elec­tric­ity sup­ply of Azerbaijan is 9.5 per­cent. In re­cent years, the de­vel­op­ment of re­new­able en­ergy sources in Azerbaijan, the largest South Cau­ca­sus state on the Caspian shore, has been in the fo­cus of at­ten­tion. Cur­rently, the country is able to fully meet its own en­ergy needs, and seeks to sup­ply power to the Euro­pean mar­ket.

Azerbaijan was able to build a strong power sys­tem in less than 20 years, con­duct­ing re­con­struc­tion and ren­o­va­tion of old gen­er­at­ing ca­pac­i­ties and cre­at­ing new ones.

The en­ergy rich country gen­er­ates power through hy­dro­elec­tric, wind and so­lar power plants, as well as bio­gas in­stal­la­tions. At the mo­ment, the ca­pac­ity of Azerbaijan’s elec­tric­ity sys­tem ex­ceeds 12,000 megawatt. The to­tal po­ten­tial of re­new­able en­ergy sources ex­ceeds 25,300 megawatt.

A ma­jor part of the country’s ca­pac­ity in this area ac­counts for so­lar en­ergy, while its po­ten­tial is es­ti­mated at 5,000 megawatts. Some 4,500 megawatts ac­counts for wind power, 1,500 megawatts -- for biomass, 800 megawatts -- for geo­ther­mal en­ergy, and the re­main­ing 350 megawatts -for the small hy­dro power plants (HPP).

The State Agency on Al­ter­na­tive and Re­new­able En­ergy Sources of Azerbaijan has deter­mined ar­eas, ca­pac­i­ties, amounts to be in­vested in pro­duc­ing 4,200 megawatts in 2018-2020 and other re­quired in­for­ma­tion.

In the com­ing years, the agency plans to im­ple­ment 23 projects worth about 13 mil­lion man­ats as part of the Strate­gic Roadmap for the De­vel­op­ment of Pub­lic Util­i­ties (Elec­tric and Ther­mal En­ergy, Water and Gas).

The projects in­clude con­struc­tion of wind, hy­dro and bio­fuel power plants with a to­tal ca­pac­ity of 4,200 megawatts. This is while 3,500 megawatts will ac­count for wind power plants, 500 megawatts for so­lar power plants, and 200 megawatts will ac­count for bio­fuel power plants. The cost of build­ing wind power plants will be 10.2 mil­lion man­ats, so­lar - 1.48 mil­lion man­ats, and bio­fuel - 1.16 mil­lion man­ats.

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