Ar­me­ni­ans at­tempt to fal­sify his­tor­i­cal essence of Azer­bai­jani mosque

Azer News - - Karabakh Conflict - By Naila Huseyli

He said that for about 30 years, the vic­tims of the Ar­me­nian ag­gres­sion against Azer­bai­jani peo­ple were not only the peo­ple, but also his­tor­i­cal, re­li­gious and cul­tural mon­u­ments, as well as sa­cred halls and tem­ples, dat­ing back to thou­sands of years.

“Yukhari Govhar Agha mosque lo­cated in Shusha is one of the his­tor­i­cal and re­li­gious mon­u­ments of Is­lamic cul­ture which was sub­jected Ar­me­nian ag­gres­sion. Dur­ing the oc­cu­pa­tion of Shusha, the mosque was shot and the minarets were de­stroyed. The mosque is in ru­ins since May 8, 1992. How­ever, Ar­me­ni­ans ar­gue that this mosque was re­lated to Per­sians. Un­for­tu­nately, those who sup­port the Ar­me­nian fal­si­fi­ca­tions are also found in neigh­bor­ing Iran,” he said.

First deputy chair­man men­tioned that Yukhari Govhar Agha mosque was built by ar­chi­tects Kar­balayi Se­fikhan Sul­tan­huseyn oglu Garabagi in 1883-1884 in ac­cor­dance with the in­struc­tion of Govhar Agha, daugh­ter of Ibrahimkhalil khan.

Salahli em­pha­sized that the mosque has been in­cluded in UNESCO World Her­itage List in 2001. The plaque on the Yukhari Govhar Agha mosque which was writ­ten in the Azer­bai­jani lan­guage has been de­stroyed by the Ar­me­ni­ans, in­stead, a plaque de­pict­ing the words "An­cient His­tor­i­cal Mon­u­ment, Yukhari Mosque (Up­per Mosque), 1883, Pro­tected by the State" was hung in Ar­me­nian lan­guage.

The words "Govher Agha", men­tioned on the pre­vi­ous board in Azer­bai­jani lan­guage, are not pur­pose­fully marked on a new board. Thus, the Ar­me­nian au­thor­i­ties are try­ing to change the essence of his­tor­i­cal mon­u­ments in the oc­cu­pied ter­ri­to­ries of Azer­bai­jan and to cre­ate fake Ar­me­nian his­tory.

“At present, it is im­pos­si­ble to de­ter­mine the to­tal num­ber of his­tor­i­cal and re­li­gious-cul­tural mon­u­ments that are the vic­tims of Ar­me­nian ag­gres­sion,” Salahli said.

The rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the Com­mit­tee said that the num­ber of his­tor­i­cal and re­li­gious mon­u­ments iden­ti­fied by Azer­bai­jan in the oc­cu­pied lands is 403, and 67 of them are mosques, 144 tem­ples, and 192 sanc­tu­ary.

He also stated that fraud and crim­i­nal acts against mon­u­ments are con­trary to the re­quire­ments of the Con­ven­tion "On the pro­tec­tion of cul­tural val­ues when armed con­flict oc­curs", 1954 Hague Con­ven­tion, 1992 Euro­pean Con­ven­tion for the Pro­tec­tion of Ar­chae­o­log­i­cal Her­itage, and 1972 UNESCO Con­ven­tion on the Pro­tec­tion of World Cul­tural and Nat­u­ral Her­itage.

Salahli con­cluded with the state­ment that it is im­pos­si­ble for the in­ter­na­tional com­mu­nity to re­main in­dif­fer­ent to this is­sue.

“The con­flict con­tin­ues for 30 years, 20 per­cent of Azer­bai­jan's ter­ri­tory is un­der oc­cu­pa­tion, and more than 1 mil­lion Azer­bai­jani cit­i­zens are refugees and in­ter­nally dis­placed per­sons in their own coun­try. In this sit­u­a­tion, we be­lieve that the in­ter­na­tional com­mu­nity will demon­strate a fair po­si­tion in pre­vent­ing the ag­gres­sion of the Ar­me­nian gov­ern­ment on fal­si­fy­ing the his­tory. We de­mand im­me­di­ate ces­sa­tion of writ­ing and re­plac­ing boards on the Yukhari Govhar Agha mosque. Also, we re­quire end­ing van­dal­ism against his­tor­i­cal mon­u­ments in Shusha and other parts of NagornoKarabakh,” he said.

Dur­ing the Nagorno-Karabakh war in early 1990s, the Ar­me­ni­ans seized 20 per­cent of Azer­bai­jani ter­ri­tory, and all the mon­u­ments in those lands are now un­der Ar­me­nian oc­cu­pa­tion.

Many ceme­ter­ies, mau­soleums, mon­u­ments, mosques, tem­ples, burial mounds and other sam­ples of Azer­bai­jan’s cul­tural her­itage in the oc­cu­pied Nagorno-Karabakh, Lachin, Kal­ba­jar, Agh­dam, Fuzuli, Jabrayil, Gubadli and Zangi­lan re­gions are be­ing de­stroyed.

Over­all, since the be­gin­ning of the Nagorno-Karabakh con­flict and oc­cu­pa­tion of Azer­bai­jani ter­ri­to­ries, Ar­me­nian ag­gres­sors ru­ined 1,200 his­tor­i­cal and ar­chi­tec­tural mon­u­ments, looted 27 mu­se­ums and ex­ported to Ar­me­nia over 100,000 items. More­over, the Ar­me­nian oc­cu­piers de­stroyed 152 re­li­gious mon­u­ments and 62 mosques, as well as 4.6 mil­lion books in 927 li­braries.

The de­struc­tion and dam­ag­ing of his­tor­i­cal and cul­tural mon­u­ments of Azer­bai­jan by the Ar­me­nian in­vaders con­tra­dict the 1954 Hague con­ven­tion on preser­va­tion of cul­tural val­ues dur­ing armed con­flicts, the 1992 Euro­pean con­ven­tion on preser­va­tion of arche­o­log­i­cal her­itage, and the 1972 UNESCO con­ven­tion on preser­va­tion of world cul­tural and nat­u­ral her­itage. In 2005 and 2010, the OSCE fact-find­ing mis­sions con­firmed Ar­me­nia’s van­dal­ism against Azer­bai­jan’s Is­lamic her­itage in the oc­cu­pied Azer­bai­jani ter­ri­to­ries.

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