Ge­or­gia’s de­ci­sion al­ready hits Ar­me­nia

Azer News - - Karabakh Conflict - By Sara Is­rafil­bay­ova

De­spite all prom­ises of cur­rent Prime Min­is­ter of Ar­me­nia Nikol Pashinyan about the bright fu­ture of Ar­me­nia and the eco­nomic de­vel­op­ment of the coun­try, the events tak­ing place in the coun­try prove the op­po­site.

The other day, a group of em­ploy­ees of the Arinj Mall held a protest ac­tion out­side the build­ing of the Ar­me­nian gov­ern­ment.

The prices for trans­porta­tion of goods im­ported to Ar­me­nia in­creased, as a re­sult of which small and medium-sized en­ter­prises faced a prob­lem.

One of the par­tic­i­pants of the protest Ar­men Ner­sisyan said that the price hike will not lead to any­thing good. “Was it nec­es­sary to raise prices in such a de­plorable sit­u­a­tion?”

He also noted that traders are not able to carry out im­port, since the prices for trans­porta­tion are very high.

Now the par­tic­i­pants are wait­ing for Prime Min­is­ter Nikol Pashinyan meet them.

The gov­ern­ment of Ge­or­gia de­cided to ban the im­port/ex­port of wheat or wheat-rye flour on road trans­port since Septem­ber 15.

The big­gest blow from the de­ci­sion of the Ge­or­gian side was re­ceived by Ar­me­nia, as a coun­try that iso­lated it­self from the re­gion by the oc­cu­pa­tion of the ter­ri­to­ries of a neigh­bor­ing state and as a re­sult lost all other ex­its to the world, in par­tic­u­lar the Rus­sian mar­ket.

Haykakan Zhamanak news­pa­per writes that ac­cord­ing to the de­cree of the Min­is­ter of Trans­port of Ge­or­gia, wheat and flour must be trans­ported by sea and rail trans­port on the ter­ri­tory of Ge­or­gia from Septem­ber 15. At the mo­ment, wheat and flour im­ported to Ar­me­nia are al­most com­pletely trans­ported by trucks, since it is cheaper.

Now, every­body in Ar­me­nia won­ders, how much will cost the trans­porta­tion by sea and rail? It is also noted that the price may change due to prices in south­ern Rus­sia. These days there is a rise in prices due to high de­mand, im­porters are rush­ing to im­port as much wheat as pos­si­ble be­fore the de­cree of the Ge­or­gian min­is­ter comes into force, which in turn raises de­mand.

Price rise against the back­ground of fall­ing in­comes of the pop­u­la­tion in Ar­me­nia can lead to an eco­nomic catas­tro­phe.

Does Ar­me­nian gov­ern­ment un­der­stand that the col­lapse of the econ­omy and the mass out­flow of the pop­u­la­tion from the coun­try are only con­se­quences, and not the cause of the trou­bles?

Ar­me­nia needs to fight not with con­se­quences, but with the un­der­ly­ing causes of the prob­lems and the rea­sons are Ar­me­nia’s ag­gres­sive for­eign pol­icy and the un­set­tled Ar­me­nian-Azer­bai­jani NagornoKarabakh con­flict. These are the only rea­sons that caused Ar­me­nia’s eco­nomic iso­la­tion in the re­gion.

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