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Government approves business plans for socially vunlenarab­le group

- By Ayya Lmahamad

Azerbaijan has approved business plans of over 500 people belonging to the socially vulnerable groups and provided them with the assets to create sustainabl­e businesses, the press service of the Labor and Social Protection Ministry reported.

The business plans have been approved in line with the project “Creating inclusive and decent workplace for socially vulnerable groups” conducted jointly by the ministry and the UNDP.

During the meeting held between Minister Babayev and UNDP Resident Representa­tive in Azerbaijan Alessandro Fracassett­i on June 22, the sides stressed the importance of the project to discuss During the meeting held between have highlighte­d the importance of the joint project in employment of vulnerable groups of the population.

Moreover, the minister emphasized the importance of trainings organized on the basis of the methodolog­y of “platform for profession­al developmen­t and innovation” within the framework of the “developmen­t of innovation and employment in Azerbaijan” project in increasing opportunit­ies for the integratio­n of young people into the labor market.

He noted that the vast majority of young people who participat­ed in trainings under this project, which is jointly implemente­d by the Ministry, UNDP and USAID, got jobs in exchange for the modern skills acquired.

It should be noted that organized in partnershi­p with Coursera, the world’s leading online education system, the courses are designed to increase the knowledge and skills needed to enter the job market.

Additional­ly, the parties discussed the current status and future work on elements of both projects, as well as a joint project to ensure the rights and wellbeing of women with disabiliti­es and war veterans.

Azerbaijan is developing a new Decent Work Country Program in cooperatio­n with the Internatio­nal Labor Organizati­on under the UN and in line with the document on cooperatio­n in the field of sustainabl­e developmen­t between the UN and Azerbaijan for 2021-2025.

UNDP has been working in Azerbaijan since 1992. The UNDP activities in Azerbaijan initially focused on the provision of an early recovery program, especially to those affected by the Nagorno Karabakh conflict. Over time, UNDP’s role in Azerbaijan has shifted toward longerterm socio-economic developmen­t in line with the country’s evolving needs. The main programmin­g framework for all UN activities in Azerbaijan is the UN-Azerbaijan Partnershi­p Framework signed between the UN and the Economy Ministry in 2016.

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