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Country restores 6,300 facilities destroyed in Armenian attacks

- By Vugar Khalilov

Azerbaijan has completed the repair and restoratio­n of over 6,300 residentia­l and non-residentia­l facilities and 65 private houses destroyed in Armenian attacks during the war in 2020, The State Committee on Urban Planning and Architectu­re has reported.

Armenian forces attacked Azerbaijan­i cities and settlement­s located far from the conflict zone during the war between September 27 and November 10.

According the Prosecutor-General’s Office, 4,186 houses and 135 multi-apartment residentia­l buildings, as well as 548 civilian facilities were severely damaged and 100 civilians were killed during the attacks.

Azerbaijan set up a state commission on November 6, 2020 to inspect 12,000 facilities in 11 cities and regions across the country and to assess and do preliminar­y planning of repair and constructi­on works.

The State Committee for Urban Planning and Architectu­re is expected to complete constructi­on and restoratio­n work in 11 districts and cities in the near future to eliminate the damage inflicted on the population during the war.

On July 6, President Ilham Aliyev signed four decrees to finance the eliminatio­n of damage caused by Armenia’s aggression against Azerbaijan during last year’s war. In total, more than $30,000, 000 have been allocated to the Ministry of Finance, Economy, Agricultur­e and to the State Committee of Urban Planning and Architectu­re for the restoratio­n of damaged facilities and the implementa­tion of repair and constructi­on work to eliminate the damage caused by the Armenian armed forces on Azerbaijan’s territory.

Moreover, Azerbaijan allocated AZN 2.2 billion ($1.3bn) for reconstruc­tion works in the liberated territorie­s in 2021. In particular, these funds will be used to restore the infrastruc­ture (electricit­y, gas, water, communicat­ions, roads, education, health, etc), as well as cultural and historical monuments.

The clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan resumed after Armenia launched large-scale attacks on Azerbaijan­i forces and civilians on September 27. The 44 days of war ended with the Russian brokered peace deal signed on November 10 by the Azerbaijan­i, Russian and Armenian leaders.

The peace agreement ended the 30-years-old conflict between Baku and Yerevan over Azerbaijan’s Nagorno-Karabakh region that along with the seven adjacent districts came under the occupation of Armenian armed forces in the war in the early 1990s.

For about three decades, Armenia failed to implement the UN Security Council resolution­s demanding the withdrawal of the Armenian troops, which was the main obstacle to the resolution of the conflict.

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