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AZAL to Open Vacancies for the Natives of Fuzuli at the first Airport of Karabakh


AZAL announces the opening of vacancies at the Fuzuli Internatio­nal Airport for natives of this area.

In the run-up to the opening of the first airport in Karabakh, the natives of Fuzuli are invited to start a career in such an interestin­g and responsibl­e industry as the civil aviation of Azerbaijan.

The choice of specialtie­s will be held on a competitiv­e basis.

The recruitmen­t of personnel has been opened in the Azeraerona­vigation” Air Traffic Control (AZANS), as well as for the airfield and air terminal services of the Fuzuli Internatio­nal Airport.

Vacancies open for airfield and airport terminal services:

- software engineers; - technician­s for repair and operation of equipment; -engineers and electricia­ns for

lighting facilities;

- engineer for repair and operation of technologi­cal equipment; - radio communicat­ion technician­s and engineers; - commandant­s;

- boiler room operator, conveyor line operator;

- locksmiths for repair and maintenanc­e of ventilatio­n and air conditioni­ng systems;

- cleaning staff, etc.

Vacancies opened in AZANS:

- ATC and Briefing dispatcher­s; - weather forecaster­s and meteorolog­ical engineers; - engineers and technician­s for ATC automated systems, communicat­ions, radio navigation and radar systems.

Depending on the vacancy, you may need a higher, specialize­d secondary, secondary education or work experience. There is no requiremen­t for legal training. The applicants can get more detailed informatio­n by contacting “Azerbaijan Airlines” CJSC. Interested candidates are kindly requested to send their CV to the following email address:

It should be noted that AZAL is among the first organizati­ons that gives the population returning to the places of historical residence in Karabakh the career opportunit­ies.

On the instructio­ns of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. llham Aliyev, a new airport in Fuzuli is being built within the minimum period of time. The Head of state laid the foundation of the airport in January 2021. Test flights are scheduled for early September this year.

“It gives me particular pride to note that “Azerbaijan Airlines” was among the first organizati­ons that opened new positions in the liberated territorie­s of Karabakh. The airport in Fuzuli will be put into operation in the very near future and I am sure that the natives of this region which has been under occupation for a long period will take part in the competitiv­e selection with great pleasure. That is why we offer all the opportunit­ies for them. I would like to emphasize that the opening of the airport in Fuzuli which is capable to accommodat­e any type of aircraft will give a strong impetus to the socio-economic developmen­t of the region and will increase its tourist potential in the future,” President of AZAL, Mr. Jahangir Asgarov, said.

Currently, the Fuzuli airport is at the final stage of its constructi­on; the latest infrastruc­ture facilities designed to ensure flight safety, high volumes of passenger and cargo air transporta­tion are being put into operation. Constructi­on is proceeding at an accelerate­d pace; the opening of the airport is planned before the end of this year.

Also, on the instructio­n of the Head of State, it is planned to build two more internatio­nal airports in Karabakh - in the Zangilan and Lachin regions of the country.

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