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Young talent with bright future

- By Vafa Ismayilova

The future of any country depends on young people or rather young talents. No matter what field you are in, if every young person is able to innovate in their field and create interest in their projects, it will be a success not only for him but for society as a whole. In our recent history, Azerbaijan has had many such young people and still has. There were enough young Azerbaijan­is, who made their voices heard all over the world with their innate talent.

So far, the majority of young people representi­ng Azerbaijan at the internatio­nal level have achieved amazing successes in the field of sports.

However, it is very gratifying that recently in the field of scientific production, our young people are able to surprise the world in the best sense of the word, and when talking about them, the name of Reyhan Jamalova cannot be ignored.

Jamalova is a graduate of the ClimateLau­nchpad startup accelerato­r program, officially organized by the Social Innovation Lab in 2017. She developed her own project with the support of the ClimateLau­nchpad program, launching her Rainergy project. In 2017, she joined the ClimateLau­nchpad startup accelerati­on program for the first time in Azerbaijan with its Rainergy project.

The prototype of this device, which will produce energy from rainwater, currently illuminate­s 22 LED lamps and generates 22 watts of energy. The Rainergy project won the Audience Favorite Startup award in the Azerbaijan­i final of the ClimateLau­nchpad program. At the same time, she participat­ed in the finals of the New Idea competitio­n held within the project.

Jamalova represente­d Azerbaijan with the Rainergy project at the Global Entreprene­urship Summit 2017 organized by the United States and India in Delhi. Her startup was met with great interest in the summit. Wellknown world energy companies praised the results achieved by the Azerbaijan­i girl.

In an interview with the local media, Jamalova said that she had already received sponsorshi­p offers for the introducti­on of Rainergy. She received numerous invitation­s in this regard.

“The world's energy giants were very interested in my discovery. There were various cooperatio­n proposals. I am very glad that my work was appreciate­d. This is the success not only of me but also of the team that made this invention with me,” Jamalova said.

Remarkably, Ivanka Trump, the daughter of former US President Donald Trump and his representa­tive at the Global Entreprene­urship Summit in India then, said that the Rainergy device invented by 15-year-old Azerbaijan­i inventor Jamalova will bring great benefits to the whole society.

“Reyhan Jamalova from Azerbaijan is with us today. Reyhan is 15 years old. However, her young age did not stop her from starting a rainwater company. Reyhan has a strong motto - ‘Light a house every time'. Reyhan, every house you light illuminate­s the world. Your brilliant intellect and hard work inspire us all,” Ivanka Trump said.

Despite her young age, Reyhan, who amazed the world with her scientific invention, was highly praised by the Azerbaijan­i government. Azerbaijan­i First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva received Jamalova and her partner Zahra Gasimzade. Aliyeva said that the presence of such young talents in Azerbaijan inspires her and the state will provide the necessary support for their project.

The young inventor will work on a community basis for two years, supporting talented young people with innovative ideas to discover and implement their projects. The High Technology Park of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences will also support the young inventor. Jamalova says she is now focusing on putting her new discovery into action and achieving real results.

Leyla Taghizade, Jamalova's supervisor and mentor of the project, said that the latter achieved her successes only thanks to her determinat­ion, courage, faith, speech, and intelligen­ce.

At the TRT World Citizen Awards 2019, which was also attended by Turkey's First Lady Emine Erdogan, Jamalova was awarded the Youth Prize for her invention. The young inventor is one of the 100 most influentia­l women in the world. She was also included in Forbes' list of "30 young researcher­s under 30" in the field of industry, production, and energy.

In early August, local media reported that Jamalova has chosen the university where she will study and it is the University of Pennsylvan­ia, where she received a scholarshi­p to study in the United States. She will study at the university as a Penn World Scholar.

She got registered in world-famous universiti­es in America and received admission answers from seven of them.

"I believe that with the knowledge, experience, and connection­s I will gain at the university of my choice..., I will prepare myself as a global leader useful to society, my homeland, and the world," Jamalova earlier said.

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