Be care­ful of what you send on smart­phones or emails in the UAE


Do you that flick­ing the mid­dle fin­ger at some­one in the UAE could land you in prison? But there is more you should know. Le­gal ex­perts have now warned that send­ing an ‘emoji’ fin­ger-flick ges­ture in a mes­sage or on so­cial media could also land you in trou­ble. As a mat­ter of fact, the UAE has is­sued the warn­ing af­ter it emerged that Mi­crosoft will be­come the first man­u­fac­turer to give users the op­tion to flip the fin­ger on its latest op­er­at­ing sys­tem. The new Win­dows 10 will fea­ture the icon when it is launched in the com­ing months. It’s an in­sult in the UAE and the law can pun­ish you with ei­ther jail of up to three years or a fine of up to Dhs500,000 if you send a mid­dle fin­ger emoji on a smart­phone or even send­ing a mid­dle fin­ger pic­ture through email. Also, if an ex­pat is con­victed they will likely be de­ported. How­ever, it’s up to the re­cip­i­ent to open a crim­i­nal case if they feel of­fended by a mes­sage. So think twice be­fore post­ing a mes­sage or im­age that could be of­fen­sive.

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