The New Face of Ad­ver­tis­ing


The ad­ver­tis­ing in­dus­try that we are fa­mil­iar with is swiftly chang­ing. The ques­tion that is of­ten asked is the fol­low­ing: ‘Is it the death of tra­di­tional ad­ver­tis­ing as some peo­ple claim?’

The an­swer to that is: definitely not! It is not the end, yet a con­ver­sion is tak­ing place. The ad­ver­tis­ing in­dus­try we knew is chang­ing. It is re­shap­ing. It is trans­form­ing.

The era of tech­nol­ogy and ad­vance­ment in com­mu­ni­ca­tions so­lu­tions has led to the con­sumer gain­ing in­creased ex­po­sure and tun­ing them­selves dif­fer­ently thus lead­ing to new me­dia consumption habits and di­verse expectations. The world is now at the con­sumer’s fin­ger­tips and ac­cess­ing all kinds of con­tent, ad­ver­tis­ing, so­lu­tions, in­for­ma­tion, en­ter­tain­ment and brand­ing among oth­ers is now just a click away. Clearly, power and con­trol have now changed hands and moved from the ad­ver­tiser to the con­sumer. Moved from the brand to the con­sumer, from talk­ing at to talk­ing to.

With all th­ese changes, what role does the ad­ver­tis­ing agency now play? How must an agency equip it­self to face th­ese chal­lenges? What are the core changes that need to be made to its DNA in or­der to be able to ei­ther re­gain con­trol or at the very least re­main con­nected and be able to add value to the com­mu­ni­ca­tions for­mula?

We see me­dia com­pa­nies lead­ing the way to­wards in­te­grated com­mu­ni­ca­tions so­lu­tions and even re­ly­ing less on the cre­ative agen­cies. We see dig­i­tal agen­cies mush­room­ing all over the place, try­ing to take the lead in reach­ing and en­gag­ing with au­di­ences. We wit­ness the rise of con­tent providers on a daily ba­sis and pro­duc­tion com­pa­nies al­ter­ing their busi­ness mod­els to go from high value pro­duc­tions with high bud­gets to value pro­duc­tion that an­swers the re­quire­ments of the dig­i­tal world.

By chang­ing, th­ese en­ti­ties are adapt­ing to the con­stant evo­lu­tion. So, the ques­tion that arises here is the fol­low­ing: are ad­ver­tis­ing agen­cies fol­low­ing through with th­ese changes and what should the new for­mat of an ad­ver­tis­ing agency be?

Cre­ative agen­cies, the gi­ants of the last mil­len­nium, are now chang­ing to be­come core cre­ative, de­sign and ac­ti­va­tion agen­cies, and the me­dia de­part­ments of the past be­came the big play­ers of the present and the fu­ture, mainly af­ter em­brac­ing dig­i­tal un­der their wings.

The in­dus­try dy­nam­ics, the tech­no­log­i­cal ad­vance­ments, and con­sumer be­hav­iour to­wards me­dia habits and consumption are definitely af­fect­ing our way of think­ing and re­shap­ing the in­dus­try we know.

We are adapt­ing to changes, we are re­for­mu­lat­ing our DNA so we are part of the race and equipped to an­swer our clients’ expectations and help them achieve their goals and ob­jec­tives.

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