Over the years, uni­ver­si­ties suc­cess­fully pro­duced mil­lions of MBAS, but how many mil­lion en­trepreneurs did they cre­ate? “…when the tsunami of free un­lim­ited tech­nolo­gies makes or­gan­i­sa­tions look in­creas­ingly out­dated, the same tsunamis can quadru­ple in­no­va­tive ex­cel­lence and cat­a­pult into im­age supremacy ...this makes tech­no­calamity a new global age phe­nom­ena…”

The Big Pic­ture

In­no­va­tive ex­cel­lence will be the driv­ing force for cre­ative agen­cies. When each and ev­ery one of your in­ter­ac­tions with tech­nol­ogy is be­ing mea­sured, recorded and added to an ad­vanc­ing dig­i­tal tsunami, a new world of mas­sive dis­rup­tions erupts. Re­mem­ber the shift dur­ing the first desk top revo­lu­tion. Ev­ery dis­rup­tion opens new op­por­tu­ni­ties.

When bound­ary-less, in­tri­cate, global busi­ness prac­tices pro­lif­er­ate, ei­ther to make you in­stantly su­per suc­cess­ful or crush your em­pire in slow death, a new world of mega win­ners and ma­jor­ity losers be­comes a re­al­ity. The world is wide open like end­less boule­vards with op­por­tu­ni­ties lined up on both sides. Decades ago, we went to trade shows to find cus­tomers. To­day there are five bil­lion on­line.

Round-the-clock global races for na­tional im­age supremacy make ob­so­lete the con­ven­tional lo­cal 9-5 work­ing and think­ing. Th­ese global, time sen­si­tive races shrink the over­stretched Ju­lian cal­en­dar-based time­lines and make hol­i­days out dated and un­pro­duc­tive. A new world of non-stop ex­e­cu­tion and su­per speed ac­tion be­comes a new norm. Imag­ine month- long shut down of plants and slow mode sea­sonal of­fice rou­tines as a thing of the past. There is no such thing as 9-5 but rather 24 hours of con­stant ‘sun ris­ing’ some­where around the world.

How tech­no­calamity helps qua­dru­pling in­no­va­tive ex­cel­lence?

The 3rd Decade of the 3rd Mil­len­nium

In about the next 1500 days, the 3rd decade of the 3rd mil­len­nium starts; what does this mean? Af­ter the big fan­fare at the end of year 2000, the first decade of the new mil­len­nium brought ques­tion­able wars. The sec­ond decade fol­lowed with na­tional calami­ties and mas­sive bailouts. This 3rd decade is poised to ei­ther bring down ma­jor economies or cat­a­pult them back into glory days. Both are pos­si­ble but re­quire deeper un­der­stand­ing of the new land­scape, as new rules ap­ply.

Tech­no­calamity is now a re­al­ity. As global age com­pe­ti­tion, and avail­abil­ity of mas­sive ac­cess, to al­most-free tech­no­log­i­cally ad­vanced pro­cesses to ex­pand busi­nesses, now chal­lenges core com­pe­tency of man­age­ment. Now this skill gaps is­sues de­mand proof of new global age lit­er­acy to get qual­i­fied for the helm. Across the globe there are hun­dreds of mil­lions of un­pre­pared busi­nesses demon­strat­ing lack of prac­tice, ab­sence of en­gage­ment, and or­gan­i­sa­tion­wide medi­ocrity in their rel­a­tive mar­ket places. Their do­mes­tic economies are also los­ing their edge on a fast track. The ex­port ex­pan­sion races amongst na­tions are in­creas­ingly very tough and only the very best will sur­vive.

Fol­low­ing are key ob­ser­va­tions, strate­gies and prag­matic so­lu­tions to cope with cur­rent re­al­i­ties.

Firstly, the three ques­tions: no one dares to ask

Lit­er­acy Ques­tion: Are we in­creas­ingly be­com­ing too il­lit­er­ate to read into the fu­ture?

New global age think­ing and skill gaps: Why there is so much tension, con­fu­sion and dis­con­nect amongst lead­ers of busi­nesses all over the world? Ei­ther the pro­cesses have be­come too com­pli­cated or have we be­come some­what il­lit­er­ate. Ei­ther way, we fail to fully ap­pre­ci­ate the busi­ness and so­cial land­scape. Dur­ing the Print So­ci­ety in 1900, when words were power, only the priv­i­leged had ac­cess to the printed knowl­edge con­fer­ring power. The priv­i­leged were the lit­er­ate. This same sce­nario, is oc­cur­ring now, 120 years later, as the thou­sands of op­tions and tech­no­log­i­cally ad­vanced pro­cesses freely avail­able are ac­ces­si­ble only to the highly lit­er­ate who read be­tween the lines and con­nect the dots, while the rest of the pop­u­la­tion watches as amazed spec­ta­tors.

Job-cre­ation Ques­tion:

Can uni­ver­si­ties really cre­ate global age in­no­va­tive en­trepreneuri­al­ism and next gen­er­a­tion lead­ers?

Mass cre­ation of “job-cre­ators” vs. “job-seek­ers”: Over the years, uni­ver­si­ties suc­cess­fully pro­duced mil­lions of MBAS, but

how many mil­lion en­trepreneurs did they cre­ate? The main rea­son en­trepreneuri­al­ism is not fer­tilised in lush grassed path­ways of uni­ver­si­ties, is be­cause en­trepreneurs won’t be trained by rigid syl­labuses. They roam, dis­cover, and look be­hind stonewalls. They see op­por­tu­ni­ties invisible to com­mon herds, or the es­teemed fac­ul­ties. Is it pos­si­ble to re-train fac­ul­ties and for them to understand true ‘job-cre­ators’ and dis­tin­guish them from ‘job seek­ers?’

Na­tion­al­ism Ques­tion:

If the en­tre­pre­neur­ial gene is wide­spread and mas­sive job cre­ation can only be solved by en­trepreneurs, why is a na­tion­wide pro­gramme is not top of the coun­try’s na­tional agenda?

In­no­va­tive Ex­cel­lence and Global Com­pet­i­tive­ness: En­trepreneurs, with few ex­cep­tions, are born with cer­tain types of per­son­al­ity traits and emo­tional make-up. In the right mix, those traits can cat­a­pult en­trepreneurs to amaz­ing per­for­mances. To cre­ate su­per­star, next-gen­er­a­tion en­trepreneurs, busi­ness owner’s fam­i­lies may pro­vide the right en­tre­pre­neur­ial juices from the early ages. Yet, even the best of the best busi­ness fam­i­lies may fail in cre­at­ing suc­cess­ful suc­ces­sion. It’s also a fact that most suc­cess­ful busi­ness own­ers around the world to­day had no for­mal ed­u­ca­tion, ex­pe­ri­ence, or train­ing in the busi­ness they cre­ated. This proves that any en­tre­pre­neur­ial type, out of box, risk-tak­ing per­son­al­ity is suf­fi­cient to start on a right tra­jec­tory for big­ger and bolder suc­cesses. On the other hand, en­trepreneurs have been most feared be­cause they are risk tak­ers and were re­jected when re­quest­ing early sup­port and fi­nances. They were re­jected as out­side the box.

To­day the ‘world’ is out­side the box.

Now it’s the world that’s out­side the box. De­niers are be­ing crushed. Na­tions with bold and open di­a­logue on new age en­trepreneuri­al­ism, and a coun­try­wide pro­gramme un­der man­i­festo can en­sure their im­age supremacy of in­no­va­tive ex­cel­lence in the global mar­ket place, oth­er­wise they too be­come ir­rel­e­vant... Cre­ation of a top na­tional agenda is in or­der. What took so long?

The Big Pic­ture: New Global Age

Land­scape for Mass Cre­ation of Su­per­star En­trepreneuri­al­ism.

The en­tire world is wrapped in the In­ter­net of ev­ery­thing. It has mor­phed into mea­sur­ing ev­ery­thing and con­sumes all ‘pas­sive or ac­tive touch points’ of our daily work­ing and liv­ing rou­tines. The big data feed­back and real time pro­cess­ing will cre­ate new life­style think­ing, work­ing and busi­ness mod­el­ing. There will be mega shifts of redis­cov­er­ies on who we are, what our real skills and tal­ents are, what and why we are do­ing what we do ev­ery day and for what re­turns? The mas­sive global re­align­ments and reinventing op­por­tu­ni­ties, both on per­sonal de­vel­op­ment and cor­po­rate re­or­gan­i­sa­tion level, never be­fore imag­ined on scales never pre­vi­ously ex­e­cuted, will emerge.

We are cross­ing a chasm; it’s deep, un­de­ci­pher­able and em­bed­ded with mas­sive dis­rup­tions and yet stacked with the most and amaz­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties.

The 2020: A Twenty-faceted Fu­ture Un­folds

Ap­proach­ing 2020, the new global age and fully mo­bile so­ci­ety wrapped in the in­ter­net of ev­ery­thing sim­ply de­clares the tra­di­tional of­fice and 9-5 work model use­less. It will cre­ate new types of work­ing-life­style-habi­tats, shak­ing down the cen­turies old work habits and of­fice work­ing mod­els. The cor­po­rate cen­tral­ity of down­town busi­ness com­plexes loses it grips in 10,000 cites as new rou­tines and habits im­pact­ing ‘on de­mand pro­duc­tiv­ity’ and ‘shared ser­vices’ cas­cade. Th­ese new rou­tines elim­i­nate the con­cepts of typ­i­cal of­fice jobs, weekly pay­roll and bu­reau­cratic hi­er­ar­chies trans­form­ing into likes of ad­vance level ‘gig econ­omy’. This will thrive amongst clus­ters of on-de­mand, on­line, skill ex­changes making ‘self-trained’, ‘self-em­ployed’ and ‘self-oc­cu­pied’ the largest work­ing groups. Just like a gemol­o­gist can bet­ter ap­pre­ci­ate the cut of a di­a­mond a mas­tery of global age un­der­stand­ing is a pre­req­ui­site to de­ci­pher the un­fold­ing of a multi-faceted fu­ture.

Ap­proach­ing 2020, the new global age and fully mo­bile so­ci­ety wrapped in the in­ter­net of ev­ery­thing sim­ply de­clares the tra­di­tional of­fice and 9-5 work model use­less.

While on the other side, the age of abun­dance will con­tin­u­ously drown medi­ocrity and shred weaker busi­ness mod­els, the con­stant over­flow of great glob­ally ac­ces­si­ble and af­ford­able ideas will crush parochial think­ing and sin­glesided na­tion­al­ism. The global-age cul­ture will dom­i­nate and force reeval­u­a­tion of ev­ery­thing. Su­per­star en­trepreneuri­al­ism will be the most de­sired model.

In­no­va­tive ex­cel­lence will be the driv­ing force for cre­ative agen­cies

All this com­bined has now cre­ated a new kind of cy­clone on the hori­zon, some­thing that the cor­po­rate nomen­cla­ture buzz and me­dia pun­dits are still years away from find­ing the right ‘name’ for. The most skilled in global age en­trepreneuri­al­ism and in­no­va­tive ex­cel­lence are try­ing to get re­aligned to face the new re­al­i­ties. When in 2020 and look­ing back to present times, the global busi­ness land­scape would be un­recog­nis­able in all as­pects.

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