The world is about to see an erup­tion of mil­lions of new and pow­er­ful in­no­va­tive ideas; th­ese ideas will amaze the global pop­u­lace.

What are the hid­den op­por­tu­ni­ties for smart agen­cies of the world when mega or­gan­i­sa­tions, in­sti­tu­tions and govern­ment bod­ies are im­mersed in tack­ling the eco­nomic chaos? Un­solved mys­ter­ies must now be un­rav­eled and we must be­come con­scious that the world has al­ready moved on and did not wait for any one power. The prob­lems are now al­most in­cur­able and it’s time for com­plete me­ta­mor­phisms.

We have en­tered into a dark tun­nel of con­fu­sion and must run to­wards light to see the meta­mor­pho­sis tak­ing place on the other side. This rate of trans­for­ma­tion is un­stop­pable as a nat­u­ral course of hu­man de­vel­op­ment. The de­vel­op­ment and im­pact of the Guten­berg print­ing press took a cen­tury, the In­ter­net a decade, and so­cial me­dia about half of that. Now this hy­per ac­cel­er­ated me­ta­mor­phism will feel like a di­rect hit of a comet as we ap­proach 2020 and be­yond.

Ev­ery process that we in­ter­act with and ev­ery life­style al­ter­ing ad­van­tage we cre­ate will be im­pacted. To ex­plore the re­al­ity check, Men­to­rian World­wide will de­bate th­ese mon­ster top­ics in 2016 Fo­rums and Lec­tures. While we wait, here are the mon­ster col­li­sions.

The Al­ter­nate Mo­bil­i­sa­tions:

Bil­lions of taxi rides around the world are now dis­rupted daily by the cre­ation of UBER as an al­ter­nate to taxis. Next to be im­pacted will be per­sonal cars; imag­ine 100 plus UBER like on­line on de­mand ‘per­son­alised trans­porta­tion sys­tems’, elim­i­nat­ing car own­er­ship, in­sur­ance pay­ments, park­ing is­sues, main­te­nance and what not. Th­ese types of on de­mand, door to door ser­vice pro­grammes will cre­ate shock waves in mo­bile so­ci­eties and con­sump­tion. The need to drive and its com­pul­sive im­por­tance will be ne­glected. The ef­fi­cien­cies sav­ing of en­ergy will place the per­sonal car pop­u­la­tion back to where it was in the 1950s. Oil will lose its im­por­tance. The emerg­ing and pop­u­la­tion rich na­tions will de­ploy tech­nol­ogy over own­er­ship of mul­ti­ple cars and end­less driv­ing. ______ Ben­e­fi­cia­ries: the car own­er­ship be­comes on de­mand ser­vice to global age thinkers. En­e­mies: the oil-ad­dicted men­tal­ity will ob­ject. Ad­just­ments: limo driven all the time and no gas or park­ing has­sles.

The Al­ter­nate Workspaces:

Of­fice-less of­fices will be­come the norm, as the free mega fea­tures of mo­bile devices will fur­ther elim­i­nate the need of work­ing in tra­di­tional 9-5 of­fices. The high per­for­mance and smart skills will sim­ply fly out the tow­ers. The smart work­ers will de­ploy global age wis­dom of ‘soft power as­set man­age­ment’ is­sues in an open bound­ary-less spa­ces. Ce­les­tially wire­less sys­tems, global think­ing with on­line high def­i­ni­tion face to face ex­e­cu­tion, push but­tons com­mands and con­trols, un­der the most op­ti­mum sur­round­ing will re­sult in un­lim­ited pos­si­bil­i­ties. This will leave be­hind mun­dane heavy of­fice equip­ment bound as­sem­bly line rou­tines. The mun­dane pro­cesses pre­vi­ously tak­ing place in cu­bi­cle cages will be shifted to ro­bot­ics and mas­sive au­to­ma­tion. The down­town core of mega cities will melt. Most tow­ers will trans­form into liv­ing spa­ces and theme driven jun­gles. Of­fices will start to dis­ap­pear or turn into ca­sual-crazy work spa­ces. They will be highly ef­fi­cient, tech­no­log­i­cally ad­vanced, eco­nom­i­cally in­for­mal, 24-7365 ac­cess, de­signed like pri­vate clubs, rain forests, cafés or techie garages, to be used as and when re­quired by any­one in the or­gan­i­sa­tion. The daily time wasted in com­mut­ing to at­tend dis­con­nected meet­ings and hang­ing out by wa­ter cool­ers will be con­sid­ered very old fash­ioned and reg­i­mented of­fice work will be­come a dead model. ______ Ben­e­fi­cia­ries: new global age smart work­ers with in­de­pen­dence seek­ing ad­ven­tures. En­e­mies: the last cen­tury men­tal­ity of job se­cu­rity and gold watches upon re­tire­ment

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