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Me­dia man­ager at Me­dia Axis takes us through a typ­i­cal word day at the agency.

5:45 AM

It’s cozy and mel­low un­der the cov­ers. If I get up, it’s go­ing to be frosty and cold. That won’t be too sat­is­fy­ing.

I gen­uinely have to get up now. Come on legs… move. Go, legs, go. They don’t seem to be lis­ten­ing to me.

Af­ter con­tem­plat­ing on whether to hit the snooze but­ton or to get out of bed and call it a day, I wake up. This is usu­ally fol­lowed by a glass of wa­ter, a bit of stretch­ing, and a splash of cold wa­ter on the face, hop­ing this would do the trick of wak­ing me up com­pletely.

I’m usu­ally ei­ther lis­ten­ing to a ran­dom ra­dio sta­tion or an au­dio­book on my com­mute, en­joy­ing the some-what empty road in front of me.

I’m at my desk and my typ­i­cal work­day be­gins. I first check for any job that is pend­ing then surf the net for a while, check­ing the Real Madrid web­site ev­ery now and then.

A cup of coffee sounds good right about now. With coffee in one hand and a cig­a­rette in the other, I head to the stair­way and en­joy my coffee while con­vers­ing with my co-work­ers.

It’s time to head to the gen­eral man­ager’s of­fice for an in­ter­nal meet­ing with sev­eral other col­leagues in or­der for us to com­mence our work for the day.

The me­dia sup­pli­ers are here and af­ter an hour of dis­cussing busi­ness mat­ters, I set­tle in for an­other hour of work­ing and some email an­swer­ing as well.

Lunch break! What a time to be alive. Af­ter de­li­cious meals and good laughs with my co-work­ers, we sip on Turk­ish coffee and then head to the stair­way for yet an­other smoke. Ev­ery­one is back in front of their desk, car­ry­ing on the tasks at hand.

our agency we have this rit­ual where at this time of the day one em­ployee does the hon­ours of serv­ing green tea for ev­ery­one to en­joy while im­ple­ment­ing his or her work.

I’m on my way back home and if needed, I run per­sonal er­rands- a stop at the gro­cery store for ex­am­ple. 6: Right on time for the mass to start.

Af­ter hav­ing a well needed hot bath and a tooth­some, invit­ing din­ner, I head straight to bed and en­joy re­runs of Prison Break and the oh-so-clas­sic sit­com: Friends.

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