The Bal­anc­ing Act

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Do­ing it Right

“Laser Films? They’re among the best, but they’re too ex­pen­sive and we don’t need such good qual­ity for our film…” has been a re­sponse I have been hear­ing for as long as I can re­mem­ber that I even­tu­ally started be­liev­ing it to be true!

As the years went by, I un­der­stood why we had this rep­u­ta­tion.

My fa­ther al­ways had this moto “do it well or don’t do it at all”. He al­ways strug­gled to achieve, es­pe­cially when it came to the pro­duc­tion value, as it re­lates to ev­ery de­tail and pixel of ev­ery frame. For years, he de­clined projects and sto­ry­boards be­cause they lacked cre­ativ­ity, or be­cause they didn’t pro­cure him any men­tal chal­lenge. He used to ar­gue with clients try­ing to con­vince them that this take, that shot, or this edit was much bet­ter for their film, for them, de­spite the fact that they never re­alised this or just did not re­ally care.

This rep­u­ta­tion saw us los­ing valu­able as­sign­ments as clients were some­times “afraid” of send­ing us their projects. Nev­er­the­less, my fa­ther’s mind was at peace and his con­science of try­ing to de­liver the best and hon­our­ing the trust that was put in him by his clients, was very clear.

With time, more and more ‘pro­duc­tion houses’ started to flour­ish as the com­pe­ti­tion grew while mar­ket share shrank. To­day, we can’t even count the num­ber of so called ‘pro­duc­tion houses’ in Le­banon, which I es­ti­mate to be more than 50. One rea­son is due to the new tech­nolo­gies in­tro­duced mak­ing the process more af­ford­able and much eas­ier for any­one to break into.

Tarek Sikias,

BLC Bank

Betty Crocker

La Piara

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