What makes a good picture stand out from the average?


A good picture needs to convey something new (an idea about the author, a story…) Other factors like compositio­n and lighting complement it.

What do you want to say with your photograph­s?

My objective is to highlight the changes Beirut and Lebanon are going through. It’s a long term project that underlines the evolution of Beirut/lebanon through its demography, architectu­re, urban life… To achieve this, I need to be on the streets almost every day in order to create a coherent sequence of photograph­s.

Do you get to work with ad agencies on specific assignment­s?

I worked with NOW Lebanon, Raseef22, and others. I used to recommend the subjects I would work on, most of which were considered “cultural”. One of the many memorable photo-essays I worked on was “Le Souffleur”. This private museum was an amazing discovery. I met its owner, Ibrahim Najem, as he invited me for a coffee in Ain el Mraysseh area. “I have a treasure up there” he said. Le Souffleur is the name of a French warship that sank on the shores of Beirut during WWII. Ibrahim once dived and discovered it bringing back, as a memory, its nameplate, which he placed on top of his museum’s main entrance...

Do you see yourself as a photograph­er many years down the road?

Yes I do. I still need to do a solo exhibit and publish a book if possible. Another aspect I need to work on is marketing.

What advice do you have for photograph­ers just starting out?

Practice is all I recommend. No need to have an amazing camera or lens to start with. A cell phone’s camera can do the job. Another thing to do is to check the work of known photograph­ers like Magnum Photos’...

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