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What are the main dif­fer­ences of work­ing with a lo­cal as op­posed to multi­na­tional agency? Dani: On the lo­cal level, the founders of the agency are the ones do­ing the work them­selves. They also are the ones in di­rect con­tact with the own­ers of the ac­counts they are ser­vic­ing. So, when the owner of an agency is per­son­ally com­mu­ni­cat­ing with the owner of a brand, great things are bound to hap­pen. This is the kind of trust we en­joy and build on, which is the case for 90 per­cent of our clients. As a re­sult, half of our clients rec­om­mend us to the other half of the clients we even­tu­ally ac­quire. On the other hand, when the owner of a brand hires a multi-na­tional com­pany, he usu­ally deals with a mid-level em­ployee in­stead of the head of the agency. This presents a ma­jor draw­back be­cause these ac­count han­dlers lack the author­ity and con­fi­dence. They also are re­luc­tant, if not scared to take risks. This is when the tremen­dous ex­pe­ri­ence a client has sell­ing his brand is lost on the guy cho­sen to ser­vice the ac­count. If the former chal­lenges the ad man, the lat­ter will re­treat out of fear. Wad­dah: Also, keep in mind that the process a client goes through when work­ing with a multi­na­tional is quite frag­mented as that in­di­vid­ual will have to sep­a­rately meet with the me­dia depart­ment, PR, dig­i­tal, creative depart­ment man­ager… to agree on a fi­nal ap­proach. Worse still, no one is co­or­di­nat­ing be­tween all the peo­ple in­volved, so dif­fer­ent parts of the work are be­ing ex­e­cuted in iso­la­tion and the client does not like this at all. Dani: Worse still, each MD ser­vic­ing a dif­fer­ent side of the same ac­count wants, at year’s end, to report back to their CEO with the best PNL (state­ment of Profit and Loss). This is pure cor­po­rate can­ni­bal­i­sa­tion of the client’s money and I am proud to say that we do not have this at our agency. The re­turns on our per­for­mance merit and ben­e­fit one and all, thereby elim­i­nat­ing the greed fac­tor by fully fo­cus­ing on the job in hand.

Wad­dah Sadek and Daniel Ge­orr

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