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The “All Dig­i­tal” is rul­ing so­cial com­mu­ni­ca­tions, mar­ket­ing, ad­ver­tis­ing and all as­pects of the ner­vous sys­tem of the UAE life. This rev­o­lu­tion hap­pened as part of a shift of the econ­omy of this coun­try to the tech­nol­ogy drive.

The de­mo­graph­ics of the UAE, one of the rich­est cos­mopoli­tan melt­ing pot in the world are be­hind this rev­o­lu­tion, due to the enormous flow of busi­ness ex­change be­tween coun­tries rep­re­sented within the ex­pa­tri­ate pop­u­la­tion who is rep­re­sent­ing all dy­namic as­pects of the economies of their home coun­tries.

This is where con­tracts are signed and goods are ex­changed.

The tools of this ac­tiv­ity are all dig­i­tal. Th­ese pop­u­la­tions con­nec­tiv­ity rep­re­sents 95% of in­ter­net pen­e­tra­tion in the UAE.

With over nine mil­lion pop­u­la­tion, the UAE has a pen­e­tra­tion rate of 68% of ac­tive So­cial Me­dia users and 61% of ac­tive “mo­bile” So­cial Me­dia users.

Ac­cord­ing to the Global In­for­ma­tion Tech­nol­ogy Re­port 2015 by the World Eco­nomic fo­rum, the UAE comes sec­ond high­est af­ter Sin­ga­pore in us­age of In­for­ma­tion tech­nol­ogy, and its im­pact

Novem­ber 2016 on the life of its pop­u­la­tions. The key con­clu­sion is that th­ese pop­u­la­tions are highly ac­tive on the so­cial net­works to com­mu­ni­cate with the gov­ern­ment, be­tween busi­nesses, and be­tween in­di­vid­u­als.

So­cial Me­dia with Face­book, In­sta­gram and What­sapp has be­come the ul­ti­mate sphere where brands meet their com­peti­tors, their ad­ver­tis­ers, their so­cial com­mu­ni­ca­tors, blog­gers and in­flu­encers in a tridi­men­sional struc­ture. Their tools are the smart­phones, the tablets and the lap­tops by order of im­por­tance.

The key fac­tors of this boom is the uni­ver­sal in­ter­con­nec­tion found nowa­days on the de­vices. All de­vices read text, im­ages, videos, Gifs, and all im­por­tant file for­mats nec­es­sary to con­duct busi­ness or to so­cialise on So­cial Plat­forms, and web pages… All from the smart­phone or the tablet …

File trans­fers have be­come in­stant and un­lim­ited … What more do we want?

The ad­ver­tis­ers are find­ing here their Gold! All Dig­i­tal Me­dia plan­ning, pro­gram­matic, dis­tri­bu­tion, tar­get­ing, mon­i­tor­ing and re­port­ing have be­come a re­al­ity. ROI is pre­dic­tive, bud­get fine- tun­ing is pos­si­ble, Reach is a breeze … All the heavy old tra­di­tional so­cial cir­cuit has now shifted to in­stant Dig­i­tal.

Hor­i­zon­tal com­mu­ni­ca­tion is in­stant on What­sapp, In­sta­gram, Face­book and Twit­ter where com­mon peo­ple ex­change self­ies, but where busi­ness groups ex­change con­tracts and in­stant in­for­ma­tion to tens or hun­dreds in a sec­ond and at long dis­tances.

Read­ing less, lis­ten­ing more and view­ing more have re­duced the typ­ing has­sle. Voice ex­change, and video ex­change by short mes­sages or live trans­mis­sion like on In­sta­gram event and Face­book live and snapchat have made the So­cial Sphere a real vil­lage.

The So­cial Me­dia scene in the UAE looks to­day like a big open mar­ket with un­con­trol­lable and hard to un­der­stand flows of com­mu­ni­ca­tion.

Sources of In­for­ma­tion have also shifted it seems from macro providers like news­pa­pers, out­door and cin­e­mas to mi­cro providers of info, per­son­alised, and tar­geted role mod­els … the in­flu­encers !!

Are you an in­flu­encer or plan­ning to be one? Open your so­cial ac­counts now!

The So­cial Me­dia Scene in the UAE looks to­day like a big open mar­ket with un­con­trol­lable and hard to un­der­stand flows of com­mu­ni­ca­tion.

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