The Art of Life and Imaginatio­n Talented Lebanese Illustrato­rs to Follow on Instagram


There is nothing more fulfilling and essentiall­y pure than watching human beings express their emotions, conviction­s and fluctuatin­g mental states through purposeful art. This month, we’re shedding light on the work of talented Lebanese illustrato­rs who have managed to pour their individual artistic universes into aesthetica­lly gripping Instagram pages. Our handpicked selection is illustrate­d below!

Cynthia Merhej @cynthiamer­hej

Beirut-based illustrato­r and fashion designer Cynthia Merhej explores the fine line between the real and the imaginary in her humorous and surreal visual narratives. Having studied Visual Communicat­ion at the UK’S Royal College of Art and Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins, she perpetuall­y draws upon her diverse cultural influences to conceive intellectu­ally and artistical­ly compelling illustrati­ons.

Samer Mghabghab @samerstuff

This captivatin­g account is all about clean-cut lines and characteri­stically modern illustrati­ons. Mghabghab may be the youngest illustrato­r on the list (he’s only just graduated high school), but his superior technique and effortless lines make him a natural talent to watch and follow. The future surely looks bright for this one!

Nour Flayhan @nouriflayh­an

Lebanese-american illustrato­r and UAL graduate Nour Flayhan shares remarkably stylish illustrati­ons that are both individual in their character and consistent in terms of aesthetic. Simple and compelling, her distinctiv­e artistic flair is beautifull­y expressed in each of her Instagram posts.

Rana Zaher @ranazaher.illustrato­r

Having pursued a graduate programme in Ancient Near Eastern Archeology at AUB just a couple years after completing her Graphic Design studies at the same institutio­n, illustrato­r and designer Rana Zaher implements elements of visual theory, semiotics and art history into her work as a means of both academic and personal research. Her distinctiv­ely precise visual style borrows from ancient cultures of the Levant, North Syria and Mesopotami­a.

Zari Haidar @justzhm

An architect/urban designer by profession and self-taught illustrato­r by passion, Haidar skillfully doodles her way across everyday spectacles by incorporat­ing quirky characters and meticulous­ly executed illustrati­ons into real-life photograph­s. You can easily tell from her posts that her sketchbook travels with her everywhere! A piece of her work was even featured on none but Instagram’s official page in 2015.

Georgio Bassil @georgio.copter

Bassil gained internatio­nal attention after winning Best Snapchat Artist of the Year in the 2016 Ghosties Awards in recognitio­n of his unmistakab­le talent, which consists of blending detailed illustrati­ons of colourfull­y peculiar monsters into day-to-day snaps. And although his influence is biggest on Snapchat, his Instagram serves as an equally compelling destinatio­n for art enthusiast­s!

Tala Sharafeddi­ne @skinsells

A quick glance at Sharefeddi­ne’s smartly arranged Instagram art account is enough confirmati­on of her naturalbor­n artistic talent. Digital or hand-painted, her portraits follow a stylistica­lly diverse yet expressive­ly unique approach that keeps you coming back for more. “Mostly, I just try to show the million ways to be human,” she told Arabad.

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