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Con­grats Dani. This recog­ni­tion does not come as a sur­prise!

Un­like most lead­ers in ad­ver­tis­ing who have al­ways been ‘suits’, Dani started as a young cre­ative and worked his way up to lead one of the re­gion’s big­gest com­mu­ni­ca­tion groups.

What makes Dani ide­ally suited for this role is his unique abil­ity to draw on both his busi­ness acu­men and his artis­tic flair. He’s a truly self-made man who’s trusted by ev­ery­one around him. Hum­ble and ap­proach­able, Dani is at ease with ev­ery­one. He is the ul­ti­mate peo­ple per­son, even if it comes at his own detri­ment.

We’ve known each other for more than 35 years. More than a col­league, he is a friend I know I can al­ways de­pend on. That said, he gave me a piece of ad­vice some 25 years ago and if I had lis­tened to it, well, my life would have taken a very dif­fer­ent course…

Dani is witty, fun to be around and great com­pany in any set­ting. Street smart and book smart, Dani is the ul­ti­mate trend set­ter with his look, his car and his gad­gets. And of course, he al­ways knows what to say to make you want to ride the same wave. Is Dani per­fect? Of course not. One of his big­gest chal­lenges is his con­stant bat­tle with his weight. His stress-eat­ing does not help. His BMI may be con­stantly yoyo-ing but Dani al­ways has an ex­pla­na­tion for it and this usu­ally ends with a joke.

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