Rana Ha­marneh: 30 things I’ve learned in 30 years

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Give credit to oth­ers… I am so turned off by peo­ple who take credit for ev­ery­thing.

Es­tab­lished in Jor­dan in 1991 as an ad­ver­tis­ing agency, Ad­pro Com­mu­ni­ca­tions set foot on a sure win­ning strat­egy of growth, mak­ing a rep­u­ta­tion for it­self over the years as a lead­ing mar­ket player in the King­dom. At the helm of the agency, is Rana Ha­marneh, who has been work­ing in the com­mu­ni­ca­tions field since 1988. With three decades of var­ied ex­pe­ri­ence in the cre­ative, strat­egy, me­dia and ad­ver­tis­ing sec­tor, Rana is known to­day for build­ing some of the best per­form­ing brands in Jor­dan and the re­gion. Hon­or­ing her re­mark­able achieve­ments, we have asked Rana to iden­tify 30 things she has learned in 30 years, and here’s what she had to say.

1. Gut feel­ings ac­tu­ally work. 2. Set huge goals. Aim for re­mark­able re­sults. 3. Make de­ci­sions that are best for the busi­ness. How you re­act in a cri­sis is what makes em­ploy­ees be­lieve in you, and that’s how they will view you from that mo­ment on­wards.

4. Most com­pa­nies gave up car­ing a long time ago, so giv­ing a damn is a com­pet­i­tive edge.

5. ‘I am do­ing my best’... you say what? In our field, you are never good enough, you need to keep get­ting bet­ter and bet­ter. ‘Do­ing my best’ is never enough.

6. Mas­ter the ba­sics, then learn all the fancy pre­tends.

7. Learn some­thing new every day. You will never wake up and re­gret hav­ing in­vested in your mind by learn­ing some­thing new. Your sur­round­ings can af­fect the out­come of your thoughts. Sur­round your­self with thinkers, art, and great peo­ple who con­stantly chal­lenge you.

8. To suc­ceed you need to be flex­i­ble, op­por­tu­ni­ties come in dif­fer­ent forms; be open and be ready. 9. Clar­ity does not come from think­ing alone.

10. Don’t be a vic­tim of the pro­cesses you cre­ate. Plan, but in­vent as you go. Al­ways, take a step back and as­sess, you can al­ways change your mind. 11. Fo­cus your work where the im­pact is. 12. Small wins are worth cel­e­brat­ing; they can boost the morale of ev­ery­one in the agency.

13. We should not only talk to peo­ple as they are, but re­flect on where they want to be.

14. What got you here will not get you there, you need to do things dif­fer­ently every time.

15. Ex­cel­lence verses Per­fec­tion and Ef­fec­tive­ness over Ef­fi­ciency al­ways.

16. Chal­lenge the rules but don’t break the law. Take risks, but have a plan for all pos­si­bil­i­ties.

17. Grow­ing oth­ers is the big­gest part of any suc­cess story.

18. There is noth­ing called ‘al­most’. We ei­ther have it or we don’t… “we al­most have it” is pure bull­shit.

19. Make it work no mat­ter what the cir­cum­stances are.

20. It is not about im­press­ing peo­ple; it’s about mak­ing them be­lieve in us.

21. If it’s not a great idea… go to the next one. Im­prove it, elim­i­nate it, or del­e­gate it.

22. It’s show time, and all it takes is one hic­cup for ev­ery­thing to be ru­ined.

23. Give credit to oth­ers… I am so turned off by peo­ple who take credit for ev­ery­thing. 24. Bu­reau­cracy is such a waste of time. 25. Con­ver­sa­tions mat­ter. 26. The dif­fer­ence be­tween peo­ple telling you “You’re right”, and “it’s right” is own­er­ship… en­cour­age the lat­ter. Still al­ways be pre­pared to be doubted.

27. When you train, train your weak­nesses, when rac­ing, race with your strength

28. Main­tain an evolv­ing list of places and things you would like to visit and ex­pe­ri­ence, honor and obey it.

29. Ev­ery­thing mat­ters, every el­e­ment, every word, every minute, every re­la­tion­ship, every place­ment, every voice, every choice, what­ever we add or take away, mat­ters.

30. Amaz­ing trans­for­ma­tions hap­pen when the brain is too tired to in­sist on its usual way of do­ing things. Work an all-nighter and you will see.

Rana Ha­marneh,Group Ex­ec­u­tive Di­rec­tor / Part­ner – Ad­pro Com­mu­ni­ca­tions, Am­man, Jor­dan

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