There’s no such thing as a prob­lem

The world's most in­flu­en­tial ad-peo­ple on... their lessons that will make your life and ca­reer.

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Bar­tle Bogle He­garty (BBH) has been one of the world’s lead­ing agen­cies over the last decades. The Sweed Pelle Sjoenell, win­ner of mul­ti­ple Cannes Lions, is the suc­ces­sor of co-founder and leg­endary cre­ative Sir John He­garty. Sjoenell’s fa­vorite sub­ject is how cre­ativ­ity can bet­ter your ca­reer, the world, as well as your per­sonal life.

Pelle Sjoenell: ‘Cre­ativ­ity as the so­lu­tion to ev­ery prob­lem, as the way to progress in your ca­reer, and to bet­ter your per­sonal life, as well as the world – I love it. Yes, it’s my fa­vorite sub­ject. It’s also some­thing I read about as much as pos­si­ble.

Cre­ativ­ity is…

As Ein­stein said: “cre­ativ­ity is in­tel­li­gence hav­ing fun.” Which doesn’t mean we should see cre­ativ­ity as some sort of ex­tra or bonus. It is the most im­por­tant thing we have.

Many sci­en­tists be­lieve that hu­mans, just like an­i­mals, at first ac­cepted na­ture like it was – without judg­ing: moun­tains, trees, the cold, warmth, dark­ness, light, wa­ter, plants, food, an­i­mals, just there. But at the same time life’s chal­lenges started to ig­nite imag­i­na­tion within hu­mans. How can we be safer? How can we cre­ate a bet­ter life? Hu­mans de­vel­oped a sense of com­mu­nity, of ter­ri­tory, cre­ated tools, with which they solved prob­lems, like killing an­i­mals, mak­ing fire and build­ing houses. And evo­lu­tion­ary, those who were most cre­ative sur­vived the long­est.

‘So cre­ativ­ity is sur­viv­ing. Cre­ativ­ity is prob­lem solv­ing. In that sense, noth­ing has changed. If we take a look at the cur­rent sit­u­a­tion in our busi­ness for a mo­ment, we all have ac­cess to data and knowl­edge, and we should use that of course. But it’s how you ap­ply it - that makes you stand out. In other words, how cre­ative are you with the data and knowl­edge we all have ac­cess to? I have spe­cific ideas about that too of course. We all are aware of the shift from tra­di­tional ad­ver­tis­ing to spon­sored en­ter­tain­ment. The ob­vi­ous ra­tio­nale - peo­ple now pay to avoid ad­ver­tis­ing, and at the same time they pay for en­ter­tain­ment. The fu­ture is to those agen­cies that are brave enough to fully ac­cept and em­brace the shift. Agen­cies that leave ad­ver­tis­ing as we know it be­hind, and will in­vest in peo­ple who are able to cre­ate true en­ter­tain­ment for brands.’

The method

‘But let’s get back to the main point - how do you ap­ply all that into your per­sonal and pro­fes­sional life? There was a cru­cial mo­ment in my life, when I dis­cov­ered ‘the method’. Or dif­fer­ently put, when I re­al­ized the value of what I al­ready had been do­ing on in­stinct for a while. I’m from Swe­den and I got the chance to give my ca­reer an enor­mous boost by go­ing to the US, which meant global ac­counts, big­ger bud­gets, new re­spon­si­bil­i­ties and meet­ing all kinds of new tal­ent. To­tally great! But I had al­ready started a fam­ily and bought a house. So, my wife and I de­lib­er­ated for a while if we would sell the house. As an in­vest­ment, or a back up, that kind of thing. Un­til I read a book on ex­plor­ers in ear­lier times and bumped into a story about Vik­ings - Swedes ba­si­cally, who would burn their boats if they reached new ter­ri­tory. They ac­tu­ally pur­pose­fully ‘cre­ated’ a prob­lem. They closed off the way back, to force them­selves to do what­ever it took to sur­vive and even­tu­ally flour­ish. So we sold the house…

‘Now I don’t want to preach you should al­ways look for prob­lems, but it’s help­ful to know that prob­lems are fun­da­men­tal ingredients for cre­ativ­ity and progress; in life, in busi­ness and es­pe­cially in our in­dus­try. In other words, there’s no such thing as a prob­lem. I can hon­estly say that see­ing prob­lems as masters that teach cre­ativ­ity, made my ca­reer, for a large part at least.’

...It's help­ful to know that prob­lems are fun­da­men­tal ingredients for cre­ativ­ity and progress; in life, in busi­ness and es­pe­cially in our in­dus­try

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