Entertainm­ent Grand Prix

KIJAMII, CAIRO, EGYPT, ‘The Sweet Revenge’, Président Cheese Egypt



2018 was Egypt’s first World cup year since 1990. Yet after Egypt’s loss against Russia in the 2018 World Cup and becoming the 1st team to be eliminated, the emotions of Egyptians where so down. But few days after that match, President cheese, “The famous dairy brand in Egypt” launched a humorous video with a promotiona­l digital campaign to play on and lighten Egyptians disappoint­ment and turn it into laughter. This was an opportunit­y to take Egypt’s revenge virtually with a very insightful commentary using a spot-on promotion for a very popular activity to the target audience: Playstatio­n football games. The objective was to increase the sales of cheese triangles and engage with the consumers in such a historical event and to create something that can stand out and break through the clutter. The video was a huge success not just because of the target audience relevance, funky voice-over and script, the right casting, but also because it addressed the unfortunat­e event in a funny unexpected manner and perfectly captured the Egyptians’ attitude towards the situation while effortless­ly reflecting the Egyptian community’s hilarious sense of humor.

What we found really interestin­g with the Grand Prix is that it tapped into the cultural context at the perfect moment in a very smart and fun way which makes the brand’s intersecti­on with Entertainm­ent look very authentic. Entertainm­ent Jury President, Alexandra Ouzilleau, Global Head of Entertainm­ent Partnershi­ps, Havas Group, Global

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