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What I Wear to Work: HelloWorld’s Jen Todd Gray has squirrels on her dress

- Interview by Arianne Cohen

44, senior vice president for brand, marketing, and creative services, HelloWorld, Detroit

What’s HelloWorld?

We do promotions, loyalty, and mobile messaging programs for Coca-Cola, Gap, Microsoft, brands like that.

What’s your fashion strategy?

I keep my outfits basic enough that I can accessoriz­e with a big pop of color—it makes me feel good. I’m a sucker for jewelry, watches, glasses, and accessorie­s.

Why did you choose it?

I probably would’ve worn it when I was 12. It makes me feel fun and youthful.

Great boots.

I’d been coveting them forever, and I finally pulled the trigger a couple years ago at South by Southwest.

What’s your favorite part of this outfit?

The bag. Literally every woman should have this bag—I cannot live without it.

Glasses are a big part of your look.

Oh, gosh, I probably own eight pairs. I love going into the shop and seeing what’s new.

Are you a shopper?

With a 5-yearold, not so much anymore.

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