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Expo 2020 to drive more investment­s to the UAE


DUBAI: With the run up to Expo 2020, experts in the investment industry believe that Dubai’s long-term investment­s are set to increase, particular­ly from high-net-worth individual­s (HNI) who consider UAE an ideal option to invest as compared to other countries. “HNIS consider the UAE as a preferred option for investment given the zero-income tax, better lifestyle, global connectivi­ty and much more. In addition, the introducti­on of the long-term visa gives more confidence to investors to invest in the country, as it not only promises guaranteed results, but also drives stability,” said Varis Sayed, the CEO of Fincasa Capital, a global financial advisory firm offering Citizenshi­p and Residency Investment Immigratio­n Solutions.

To drive more investment­s to the country this year, Fincasa Capital has organised varied roadshow around the world inviting companies and investors to invest in Dubai. This month the company has events lined up in Los Angeles, Miami, Florida Lima, Peru and India. The company is also set to open more offices this year to double the size of its existing team.

“We are confident that Expo 2020 Dubai will bring new type of visitors interested in starting business and looking for investment opportunit­ies. The roadshows are aimed at driving investment­s from not onlyestabl­ishedbusin­esses,butalsosta­rtups,”added Sayed. The UAE is a perfect destinatio­n for startups to commence their business. The government not only provides them excellent infrastruc­ture, but also offers great opportunit­ies to launch their start up. It is reported that this year several startups from the USA, Canada and European Union will set up businesses in the UAE alongside Expo 2020, with investment­s worth 40 billion expected to be flow in the country.

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