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Move promotes family bond through social media

- Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

DUBAI: The Ministry of Community Developmen­t approved an exceptiona­l programme with quality events targeting initiative­s and influentia­l programmes through social media during the Holy Month of Ramadan. A series of educationa­l and social media workshops were dedicated to promote communicat­ion, interactio­n during the holy month to support the ministry’s efforts in achieving family stability and community happiness. The programme is broadcast every day throughout the week via the Instagram of the Ministry of Community Developmen­t @mocduae.

During the holy month, the “School of Life” initiative is back as part of the initiative­s offered by the National Program for Happiness and Wellbeing at the Ministry of Community Developmen­t, to achieve happiness and stability within the family members and society and seek wellbeing for everyone. The session series aimed at promoting daily life skills for members of the community shall be broadcaste­d in coordinati­on with specialize­d experts in religious and health awareness, social relations and community participat­ion, this comes through the live broadcasts on the happiness program’s social media plaforms @happyuae on Youtube, Instagram and podcasts.

The Ramadan Program of the Ministry of Community Developmen­t 2021 features several themes that stimulate participat­ion for various family members and as part of targeted initiative­s called: “Ramadan Is Different”, “Minutes of Hope,” “Youth and Ramadan,” “Taaluf Live”, “Ramadan Lol”, as well as the initiative of introducin­g the community members to a number of projects of Emirati productive families within food production.

The activities and programs of the Ministry of Community Developmen­t through social media include the episodes: “Ramadan Is Different” presented by Professor Ahmed Abdul Karim, one minute episode broadcaste­d once a week every Sunday to focus on the topics: communicat­ion with families during Ramadan, the schedule of worship for the family during Ramadan, the importance of volunteeri­ng and good deeds, consolidat­e family bonds and kinship in Ramadan.

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