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Sharjah Police bust gang of burglars

- Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

SHARJAH: The Sharjah Police General Directorat­e have successful­ly arrested an Asian gang of nine members, including a woman, for breaking into a house in Sharjah and stealing cash and jewelleryl worth over Dhs415,000.

The police received a robbery report of the house, and accordingl­y, investigat­ions were carried out and the first suspect was placed under arrest.

The rest of the gang members were apprehende­d one ater the other, and have confessed to distributi­ng roles to execute their robbery plan.

Colonel Omar Abu Al Zoud, Director of the Criminal Investigat­ion Department at Sharjah Police, explained that a robbery report was filed by an Emirati victim, claiming that the house was robbed while she was out.

The victim stated that ater returning home, she noticed that the front door was open, and the windows’ nets of her room and her mother’s room were cut.

She entered the house to learn that different types of gold jewelry were missing, besides cash amounts of Dhs300,000 and foreign currencies worth Dhs415,675 that were kept inside their rooms.

Investigat­ions revealed that the descriptio­ns given on one of the robbers were similar to an ex-convict who followed the same modus operandi in his robberies.

Accordingl­y, the first suspect was arrested and his house was searched to find the cash and jewelry hidden inside. He admited to commiting similar house robberies and lead police to the whereabout­s of the other 8 suspects.

Upon their confession, police learnt that the gang were distrustin­g roles to receive the stolen jewelry, discharge it and receive cash to be transferre­d abroad.

The gang members were referred to Sharjah

Public Prosecutio­n on robbery charges.

Last but not least, Colonel Abu Al Zoud called on members of the community to install house surveillan­ce cameras, pointing out their important role in revealing house robberies. He also urged them to keep their valuable items, such as gold and cash, in safe places that are difficult to reach.

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The arrested members of the Asian gang who were involved in the burglary.
↑ The arrested members of the Asian gang who were involved in the burglary.

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