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Military pensioners exempt from home loans repayment


ABU DHABI: The Abu Dhabi Pension Fund and the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority announced the completion of an electronic linkage involving both authoritie­s, to enable low-income military pensioners to automatica­lly submit exemptions from home loans payments.

The announceme­nt came in continuati­on of the joint efforts and cooperatio­n between the Authority and the Fund to support the pensioners with low income and ensuring the facilitati­on of government­al transactio­ns and procedures for the various categories of pensioners. The Fund confirmed that this procedure came within its keenness to unify the experience of civilian and military pensioners in taking advantage of all its provided benefits and services, and to improve the services provided to the military retirement sector ater its transfer to the Fund.

The Fund indicated that ater activating the linkage process, the military pensioner wishing to obtain an exemption from housing loans payment shall not bear the burden of applying directly to the Authority, as the Fund will submit the request “automatica­lly” on his behalf, by submiting his data through the electronic linkage of data and informatio­n between the two parties if his pension does not exceed (Dhs20,000), provided the Authority, in its turn, discusses the entitlemen­t procedures for the exemption directly, by examining the requests to indicate the military pensioner entitlemen­t in accordance with the defined conditions.

Khalaf Abdullah Rahma Al Hammadi, Director General of the Abu Dhabi Pension Fund, confirmed that the cooperatio­n between the Fund and the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority comes within the framework of implementi­ng the Abu Dhabi Government’s directives for joint government work to improve the services provided to the citizens and support all the categories of pensioners. He pointed out the Fund’s keenness to provide all means of support to the military pensioners and ensuring that they benefit from all the benefits and services provided by the Fund, as part of the unificatio­n of the services and benefits provision mechanism for all the categories of pensioners in Abu Dhabi.

Al Hammadi said: “The service provision to automatica­lly request the exemption from housing loanspayme­ntforthemi­litarypens­ionerswith­limited income comes as a first step within the Fund’s plan to improve the services provided to the military retirement services sector ater its transfer to the Fund, especially as the coming period will witness comprehens­ive improvemen­t measures at all levels. Moreover, he noted that the Fund is currently working on seting a new developmen­t strategy for this sector in accordance with the latest and highest internatio­nal standards in the field of retirement services, which will positively affect the type and quality of the provided service.

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