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The cities of Mumbai and Delhi and India itself, are in serious trouble over the continuing escalation of COVID-19 “double mutant” strain cases (“India reports another record daily rise in coronaviru­s cases”, April 17, Gulf Today).

Once more, ventilator­s, oxygen, beds, ICU units are in desperate short supply. If this surge continues, in a mater of days, the health infrastruc­ture in many states could collapse. There are sad pictures of two patients per bed, in some hospitals. Soon, we may have patients being treated on the floors.

The mortality rates are very depressing. Some of the crematoriu­ms are complainin­g that they do not have enough firewood. So, we are approachin­g the tipping point.

It is time for India to vaccinate round-the-clock, at every place possible whether hospitals, clinics universiti­es, private offices, parking lots etc. The government should also fast-forward the clearance of foreign vaccines like Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson and transport them on an emergency basis. Let us just pay the market price and airfreight them.

It is unfortunat­e that the electionee­ring in West Bengal is yet continuing in full swing, irrespecti­ve of the spread of the disease. The BJP, being the ruling party at the centre, could have announced a unilateral stoppage of their campaign, to save lives. Then, Mamata Banerjee would have had to follow suit. This is the time for all political parties to sink their difference­s and work unitedly to defeat COVID-19.IT will be a serious mistake, not to work together on this scourge. India, is under a real health threat now.

Rajendra Aneja Mumbai, India

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