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Dubai Customs completes 5m transactio­ns in Q1


DUBAI: Dubai Customs completed 5 million transactio­ns in Q1 this year, according to latest figures. This is equivalent to double the number of transactio­ns in the same period in pre-pandemic 2019, and 20% more than Q1 2020, in which 4 million transactio­ns were completed.

“We will target new internatio­nal markets and atract more foreign investment­s to achieve Dubai vision of raising trade to 2 trillion dollars in the next 5 years following the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai,” said Abdullah Mohammed Al Khaja, Executive Director of Clients Management Division.

He added, “We will actively participat­e in achieving the objectives of Dubai Strategic plan 2030 through building on what has so far been achieved in the emirate, which turned it into a regional and global hub for trade and tourism.” Figures of Q1 are very positive and they reflect not only a quick recovery from the pandemic, but also an outstandin­g growth. Economic performanc­e is expected to grow 4% this year.”

Customs declaratio­ns grew 24% in Q1, 2021 to 4.47 million ( 50,000 declaratio­ns a day on average) from 3.4 million in Q1, 2020. Payment requests came second at 238,400, followed by certificat­e and report requests at 141,800. Booking inspection date service received 76,700 requests and business registrati­on service received 59,600 requests.

He said, “This noticeable growth in the number of customs transactio­ns reflects the sustainabi­lity and resilience of Dubai and UAE’S economy. It is a result of hard work and accumulate­d experience­s of Dubai Customs in developing smart services. We are moving forward towards more automation and digitalisa­tion of our services. Transactio­ns completed through smart plaforms in Q1, 2021 formed 99.6 per cent of the total 5 million transactio­ns, with 67.2 per cent completed through smart channels (3.4m transactio­ns), 32.3 per cent through electronic systems (1.6m transactio­ns), and only 23,500 transactio­ns through the counters.”

Al Khaja added, “We worked together with all parties including the private sector and managed to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic last year. We are confident the economy will keep the momentum, especially with Dubai hosting EXPO 2020 this year.”

To bolster partnershi­p with the private sector and stimulate business activities, Dubai Customs gave authorisat­ion to appointed car agencies to register their cars with the aim of saving time and cost.

Dubai Customs is organising the 5th WCO Global AEO Conference in coordinati­on with the Federal Customs Authority and the World Customs Organisati­on (25th-27th May, 2021).

The conference will shed light on trade opportunit­ies and different means and paths to develop trade. More than 1,500 trade and business experts will take part in the event.

Dubai Customs has recently signed an agreement with JAFZA, Dubai South and DAFZA to enable them enjoy all the services and benefits Dubai Customs provides through its cross border e-commerce plaform. This will help enhance Dubai’s position on the global online commerce map.

Dubai Customs recently highlighte­d its experience in developing disruptive customs systems and services, in a virtual meeting with officials from the Saudi Customs.

The meeting aimed at exchange of knowledge between the two customs department­s, and exploring more cooperatio­n.

From the Saudi Customs, Bandar Al Balawi and Abdul Rahman Khalaf Technology Department, Ibrahim Al Shaia, Security Affairs Department and Musaid Al Sudairi, Revenue Department, atended the meeting. Falah Khalil Al Sammak, Senior Manager of DXB Terminal 2 welcomed the Saudi delegates and said the customs relationsh­ips with the Saudi Customs is very important in facilitati­ng regional and global trade. He shed light on certain projects and applicatio­ns developed by Dubai Customs including the ideclare.

The mobile app enables passengers arriving in Dubai to securely submit Customs declaratio­ns electronic­ally, thus bypassing the current traditiona­l paper forms. It simplifies the Customs clearance process for passengers by enabling self-declaratio­n of their must-declare commercial goods, personal effects or cash either pre or post arrival at the airport, saving them both time and effort. In addition, Al Sammak talked about Al Kashif Buggy, designed to thwart all types of smuggling, and the Smart Inspection Table, which has integrated tracking and inspection documentat­ion system.

At the end of the meeting, the Saudi delegates commended the advanced level Dubai Customs reached in applying sophistica­ted technologi­es and applicatio­ns expressing interest in more future meetings towards more fruiful cooperatio­n.

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