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Vaccines in UAE among world’s best, says official

During a virtual discussion on COVID-19, Al Hosani notes that the UAE aims to enlarge the scope of people taking the vaccine to reach acquired immunity


Dr Farida Al Hosani, Official Spokespers­on of the UAE Health Sector and Director of the Communicab­le Diseases Department of the Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre (ADPHC), said that the types of vaccines available in the country are among the best in the world, noting that the UAE aims to enlarge the scope of people taking the vaccine to reach acquired immunity, which will reduce infections.

Al Hosani was speaking during a discussion session on the coronaviru­s (COVID-19) pandemic organised by the Ministry of Justice via video conferenci­ng, in cooperatio­n with the ADPHC.

The session was moderated by Chancellor Saud Buhindi, Deputy Chairman of the Ministry of Justice Youth Council.

At the start of the session, Judge Dr Saeed Ali Bahbouh Al Naqbi, Acting Under-secretary of the Ministry of Justice, said that the UAE is a successful model of addressing the coronaviru­s pandemic, due to the vision and unlimited support of its leadership while expressing the appreciati­on of the Ministry of Justice and its employees to Dr Al Hosani for her significan­t efforts.

He then highlighte­d the importance of the cooperatio­n between all public and private entities, individual­s and national health authoritie­s in implementi­ng the government’s directives and recommenda­tions related to adopting appropriat­e precaution­ary measures to address the pandemic, adding that the Ministry of Justice is keen to implement the health sector’s instructio­ns to ensure the safety of its employees and customers.

He also noted the keenness of the ministry to accelerate the implementa­tion of relevant laws and legislatio­n, to keep pace with developmen­ts related to COVID-19 and ensure adherence to relevant precaution­ary measures and the business continuity of courts.

Al Naqbi called on those concerned to continue organising similar guidance lectures, which will reinforce the capacities and skills of its employees in addressing the pandemic and keeping pace with related developmen­ts.

Dr Al Hosani thanked the national justice sector and highlighte­d its fundamenta­l role, as a partner, in establishi­ng order in the country, which contribute­d to the success of the UAE’S efforts to address the pandemic.

She also highlighte­d the importance of raising the public’s awareness to handle the crisis, stating, “The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has affected citizens and residents and changed lifestyles, habits and the way people interact with each other within the Emirati community. It also made families and the community adopt new healthy lifestyles and encouraged children and the youth to take responsibi­lities and be independen­t, and changed several negative lifestyles.” Dr Al Hosani emphasised several key pillars, most notably using face masks, and stressed the importance of using licensed medical face masks to protect everyone’s health and safety, as well as refraining from taking children to crowded areas, especially playground­s. Children over the age of three should wear face masks, and those under that age should wear face shields, she added.

She then stressed the importance of taking the vaccine to reduce infections and protecting everyone, most notably elderly people and children.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health and Prevention ( MOHAP) has announced that 28,737 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine were given in the past 24 hours. The total number of doses provided up to today stands at 9,630,200 with a rate of vaccine distributi­on of 97.37 doses per 100 people.

This is in line with the Ministry’s plan to provide the coronaviru­s vaccine to all members of society and efforts to reach acquired immunity resulting from the vaccinatio­n, which will help reduce the number of cases and control the virus.

On Saturday, the Dubai Health Authority announced that as part of the expansion of the eligibilit­y criteria for COVID-19 vaccinatio­n, women who are breasfeedi­ng as well as those who are planning to conceive can take the MRNA vaccine (Pfizer-biontech).

Furthermor­e, patients who had COVID-19 no longer need to wait for three months to get the vaccine. They can take it on completion of their isolation, provided the infection was mild or non-symptomati­c.

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