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Arab man held for assaulting Asian nurse

- Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

DUBAI: A 32-year-old man was arrested and referred to the criminal court for assaulting an Asian nurse inside a Dubai hospital.

The incident dates back to last September, when the 43-year-old nurse, who works in a government hospital, filed an assault report against the Arab defendant. Upon her testimony, she was doing her job when the defendant approached and asked her whether she had lately transferre­d a patient to the hospital. The nurse said she did, and was suddenly slapped and atacked by the defendant.

The victim’s colleagues stopped the defendant and helped the victim from being geting beaten.

The victim sustained a 2 per cent permanent disability as her hearing was affected by the assault.

Ater the defendant was placed under arrest, he claimed to be in a state of shock as his father sustained a neck injury and passed away.

The defendant’s brothers informed him that the paramedics had failed to provide necessary care for the father, which led to his death.

Separately, a 49-year-old African visitor was arrested and prosecuted on drug-traffickin­g charges for smuggling 577g of cocaine into the country.

In January, a customs officer suspected the density of the defendant’s bag and requested for it to be searched. The officer found a secret pocket containing the drugs.

When the defendant was asked about it, he claimedtha­thedidn’tknowanyth­ingaboutth­edrugs.

He was placed under arrest and referred to the criminal court to receive maximum jail punishment.

Recently, Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in-chief for Criminal Investigat­ion Affairs, revealed that the identity of “The Ghost” was discovered through Artificial Intelligen­ce (AI) technology and police field follow-up, which majorly contribute­d in the success of the arrest operation.

“It was one of the most complex cases as there was no recent photo of the suspect since 20 years ago, besides the multiple names he used to cover his identity,” Al Mansouri said.

Police revealed that “The Ghost” had started as a small-time dealer before geting involved in organised crime and becoming a notorious drug lord, using full caution to disappear in order to avoid geting arrested.

The internatio­nally wanted drug-trafficker was listed by the Interpol organisati­on, and had been on the run since he was sentenced to 20 years imprisonme­nt by a court in Bordeaux, France, where his men were handling the drug-traffickin­g business.

Almansouri­explained,“moufidebou­chibi,france’s most prolific drug kingpin, managed to escape the hands of specialise­d anti-narcotics police officers for several years, and he is considered to be one of the most dangerous drug-trafficker­s.

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