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Daily virus death toll climbs in Tamil Nadu

- Nirmala Joseph

CHENNAI: Thirty nine virus patients died in Tamil Nadu on Saturday, even as the new cases hit 9,344, officials said on Sunday.

The state’s total number of COVID-19 cases was reaching a million: on Sunday it stood at 9,80,728. Altogether 13,071 people in the state have died in the pandemic.

Chennai registered 2,884 new cases on Saturday.

Greater Chennai City Corporatio­n ( GCC) Commission­er G. Prakash told the media that stringent measures will be enforced to control the pandemic. “There’s a lack of discipline,” he said.

“There are a lot of rumors about a lockdown, but that won’t happen. More severe restrictio­ns will come on wedding events, restaurant­s, mourning ceremonies, and religious venues.

“Corona infection cannot be controlled without such measures. Customers should definitely not be let in unless they wear a mask, including in malls.

“Restrictio­ns will be imposed on performanc­es in indoor venues. We will impose a fine first. For a second violation, we will close down.

“This is not to cause trouble, but to bring discipline. The corporatio­n will keep its 240 playground­s under a leash. People can go outside, but only with restrictio­ns.

“There are 11,500 people in the field to inspect houses in Chennai.”

Separately on Sunday, Leader of Opposition and DMK chief MK Stalin has writen a leter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, urging him to provide more vaccines to Tamil Nadu and lit restrictio­ns imposed on states in the procuremen­t of medicines as Corona infections are on the rise.

The leter, signed by all the members of the DMK Lok Sabha and State Legislatur­es, reads: “I am writing this leter to draw your kind atention to the need of the people of Tamil Nadu for vaccines to combat the spread of corona infection and to cut off its circulatio­n.

“You may be aware that the spread of corona infection has been increasing rapidly in the last 7 days and the number of victims and deaths has almost doubled.

“According to the official data released on April 17, 2021, the number of corona infections in Tamil Nadu has increased to 61,593 and the number of deaths to 39.

“Despite the serious preventive measures taken by government officials, the Atorney General had to admit in the High Court that the situation has gone out of hand.”

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An elderly woman waits to receive vaccine at a vaccinatio­n centre in Mumbai on Sunday.
Associated Press ↑ An elderly woman waits to receive vaccine at a vaccinatio­n centre in Mumbai on Sunday.

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