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Zeniq launches new platform in Dubai


DUBAI: Zeniq launches groundbrea­king blockchain tokenisati­on plaform in Dubai.

The rise of awareness and demand for nonvolatil­e cryptocurr­encies, digital assets, reliable blockchain and decentrali­sed finance applicatio­ns (aka De-fi Apps) in the UAE and across the world, has proportion­ally ignited concerns about risk, compliance, the environmen­t and safety.

Imagine a team on a mission to create a solution that makes it safe to create and transfer digital assets, takes advantage of all what makes blockchain useful, provides alternativ­e secure access to liquidity via De-fi applicatio­ns whilst guaranteei­ng total transparen­cy and addressing virtually all the fundamenta­l challenges that blockchain technologi­es have manifested until now. Pioneering DIFC based company, Zeniq, is just that.

The partnershi­p with Sheikh Saeed Bin Hasher Al Maktoum, Zeniq is commited to supporting the UAE Government towards achieving a digital economy and accelerati­ng the UAE’S role in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Zeniq is founded by a unique team of blockchain, fintech, sports, environmen­tal and legal experts on a mission to enhance everyday living with blockchain technology.

In particular, the partnershi­p seeks to capitalize on Zeniq’s highly advanced blockchain research & developmen­t to launch within a few weeks in the DIFC a cuting-edge plaform for the tokenizati­on of physical assets.

The user-friendly solution will allow its users access to liquidity in the Dubai Internatio­nal Financial centre (DIFC), and potentiall­y globally, whilst being compliant with best internatio­nal and local regulatory standards.

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