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Sharjah Police strive to make emirate very secure


It is during the time of Eid that residents, which includes families, come out in droves to celebrate the spirit of the occasion. They flock to parks, shopping malls and amusement arcades to soak in the occasion.

They also move to the beaches for a dip in the cool waters as temperatur­es keep spiralling, making the heat unbearable. This, however, does not scorch the ethos of the residents.

However, the sea can be a fatal atraction, if the beachgoer does not stick to certain rules. And this is where the Sharjah Police come in. They frequently put up warning signs for the people to observe. And in these coronaviru­s times, they have become all the more imperative.

Parents have also been urged to pay more atention to their children while going to the beaches. They should stick to areas marked for the purpose.

Last year, a father and his daughter drowned off a Sharjah beach. The duo had gone for a swim.

The daughter was drowning so in order to rescue her, the father too jumped into the sea but unfortunat­ely he too lost his life in the briny.

Safety is uppermost in the minds of the police force. Don’t leave your children alone locked in cars. They could just breathe their last in these vehicles, as the heat and suffocatio­n get the beter of them, Sharjah Police have told parents frequently. They should listen to their appeal and directives.

Recently, an eight-year-old Indian boy was found dead in a car in Sharjah, according to Sharjah Police. The incident took place in Sharjah’s Nassiriyah area.

The child was reported missing by the family at Al Garb Police Station near the Sharjah GPO HQ.

A litle bit of care and caution can help avert such tragedies. Most of the time, the parents appear to be negligent, leaving the child to his own devices.

The Sharjah Police General Command have requested the community to report any untoward incident such as drowning by calling these numbers: 999 for emergency reports, or 901 for non-emergency cases and enquiring about Sharjah Police services, or via Haris service available in Sharjah Police applicatio­n.

What is noteworthy is the fact that Sharjah Police have also helped in busting drug operations. As happened recently when the Anti-narcotics Department of the Sharjah Police seized more than 115kg of narcotics during Eid Al Fitr holidays.

Ater the police received a tipoff, several teams of specialist­s were formed to seize the drugs in collaborat­ion with the Critical Infrastruc­ture and Coastal Protection Authority (CICPA).

The gang members were identified and tracked across different emirates, as they planned to smuggle the drugs during Eid holidays, thinking they would go unnoticed by authoritie­s.

It is such operations that put the residents in a high secure comfort level. Major General Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, Commander-in-chief of the Sharjah Police, asserted that the fact that Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Dubai were awarded advanced global rankings by a foreign institutio­n is in line with the country’s vision to lead in the areas of safety and security, which is the outcome of the initiative­s and projects launched by ministry and police leaders.

The Sharjah Police are readying for all challenges. Therefore, they launched the project, titled, “Foreseeing the Future of Security in Sharjah until 2030,” which resulted in several future schemes

The Sharjah Police have updated the project and the framework for predicting the future, to keep pace with the best global practices. The key areas for predicting the future include unconventi­onal future crimes, the future of cybersecur­ity, the future of government services, the future of movement, the future of correction­al facilities and inmate rehabilita­tion.

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