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Wipro to invest $1 billion to expand cloud services


BENGALURU: Global sotware major Wipro said it would invest $1 billion (Rs 7,454 crore) over the next 3 years to expand cloud services for business transforma­tion of its clients worldwide.

“We will invest $1 billion over the next 3 years in cloud services, technologi­es, acquisitio­ns and partnershi­ps to simplify and accelerate business operations of our clients,” said the city-based IT firm in a statement.

The company also unveiled Fullstride cloud services to enhances its offerings and talent to its clients.

“As the cloud opportunit­y accelerate­s, Fullstride services bring together our full porfolio of capabiliti­es, offerings and talent to our clients across verticals,” it said.

With consistent growth in cloud business, the company employs about 79,000 techies to provide a range of cloud services to clients such as Telefonica Germany, O2, Verifone and Metro AG in Europe.

“With the introducti­on of the chief growth office, we are renewing our focus on global partnershi­p ecosystem, amplifying and simplifyin­g how we go to market to orchestrat­e cloud transforma­tion for our clients,” said Wipro Chief Growth Officer Stephanie Trautman.

Metro chief informatio­n officer Timo Salzsieder said as cloud adoption and innovation were an essential part of its IT strategy, migrating to the cloud would enable decentrali­sation, agility, speed and flexibilit­y in engineerin­g and developmen­t.

Meanwhile the leading online learning plaform Byju’s on Wednesday said it has acquired Epic, the world’s leading digital reading plaform for kids 12 and under, for $500 million.

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