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Expo Explorer offers a peek into futuristic transport

The Expo Explorer runs on compressed air, and the technology is used for the first time in the world

- Faisal Siddiqui, Staff Reporter

Expo 2020 Dubai is a place where one can see the present meeting the future. The never-seen models of various pavilions, the extraordin­ary exhibits and the beautiful surroundin­gs are leaving visitors craving for more.

Artificial Intelligen­ce is at its best at the Expo 2020 Dubai with talking and walking robots apart from many other things running across the Expo site.

To add to already overloaded excitement, the Expo 2020 Dubai also offers a unique sightseein­g tour of the world’s first compressed Air Train.

The train, called ‘Expo Explorer,’ takes passengers on a sightseein­g journey while giving them a glimpse of the sustainabl­e future of transport.

The Expo Explorer runs on compressed air, and the technology is used for the first time in the world.

The train also provides its passengers with many opportunit­ies to discover what makes Expo 2020 Dubai an exceptiona­l event, by travelling through its stations: Sustainabi­lity, Mobility and Opportunit­y.

So just hop onto Expo Explorer and enjoy one the best eventsof the world.

On the other hand, the Expo 2020 Dubai continues to showcase its most prominent creations, including the Expo 2020 Water Feature.

The waterfall is located in a special area, between Al Wasl Square and Jubilee Park, and it is one of the scenes in this unique global event, especially as it combines water flows and striking fiery formations.

The Expo Falls consist of three sloping water plates, 13 meters high.

The Expo Water Feature is a blend of nature, that is the water, earth and fire.

It is noteworthy that the landmark is surrounded by large planted walls, punctuated by three openings to a pivotal area that leads visitors below ground level.

In addition to the landscape and architectu­ral elements surroundin­g the Expo Water Feature in a way that connects people through the dynamic movement within the park, and also allows the interactio­n between the adjacent spaces, each wave of water shoots to a musical tone, creating an orchestral masterpiec­e performed by the

London Symphony Orchestra.

The original piece was composed by awardwinni­ng German composer Ramin Djawadi, whose work includes the main theme music for Game of Thrones.

The falls’ 153 individual waves range from shimmering plates to bursts of water that literally bounce off the walls as they descend dramatical­ly into the plaza below as the water disappears through the stones. At night, the waves reflect themselves, creating a scene defying gravity as they cascade up the walls.

In keeping with the global topic of sustainabi­lity, the circle of fire that is part of the integrated display of these waterfalls is produced with pure hydrogen, and therefore no carbon. There are other landmarks that have atracted the whole world, and have become the talk of the town, but the most famous of them is the Expo Water Feature.

Towards a brightly coloured fiery circle, the waterfalls cascade up into the sunset with worldclass orchestral pieces.

Al Wasl Square extends over an area of 40 meters of tall palm trees and aromatic plants, which receives the audience before the waterfalls view through a series of curved paths surroundin­g the waterfalls like ripples in a pool of water.

Al Wasl Plaza, the heart of Expo 2020 Dubai, continues to woo visitors on the twelth day with its visuals and sound effects and cultural performanc­es.

The plaza turns into an immersive theatre in the evening. Visitors will have a out of the world experience with the dome’s 360-degree projection screen. Mind it, it’s the largest of its kind in the world.

Expo 2020 Dubai is decorated in the evening with colours that fascinate visitors, at a time when the pavilions of the participat­ing country compete to broadcast various messages related to ideas and prospects for the future, and carry implicit calls in the search for solutions to the challenges of the world in accordance with sustainabi­lity standards and the preservati­on of the planet, thus making the colours of Expo Dubai a speech of a special kind.

 ?? Kamal Kassim/ Gulf Today ?? ↑
The Expo Explorer train waits for passengers at Expo 2020 Dubai.
Kamal Kassim/ Gulf Today ↑ The Expo Explorer train waits for passengers at Expo 2020 Dubai.

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