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Andaaz-e-bayaan Aur Mushaira/kavi Sammelan wows audiences

- Muhammad Yusuf, Features Writer

DUBAI: Once again, the Andaaz-e-bayaan Aur Mushaira/kavi Sammelan (poetic meet where poetry is presented in a distinctiv­e style) event held during February end at the Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, The Indian High School, Dubai, turned out to be a landmark occasion for lovers of Urdu and Hindi poetry.

The audience, which was in the know of the event and had prepared for it, were mesmerised by the performanc­es and the clockwork precision of the programme. The atendance register was pegged at 1,300 people.

Managed by Classic Concepts, the event was honoured by the presence of Chief Guest H.E. Sohail Mohammad Al Zarooni.

Andaaz-e-bayaan-aur Mushaira/kavi Sammelan was establishe­d in 2016. Its organisers have worked continuous­ly to promote the Urdu and Hindi languages of India, with a view to maintainin­g and enhancing the rich culture and heritage of the sub-continent.

At each edition, establishe­d and emerging poetic talents are promoted. So, through the years, Andaaz-e-bayaan Aur Mushaira/kavi Sammelan has won recognitio­n as one of the major plaforms for the discovery and nurturing of upcoming and promising talent.

This year marked the release of a book authored by young poet, Ehya Bhojpuri. It is titled Umeed-e-nou. Participat­ing poets hailed from

India and Pakistan. A message of peace and love by Shakeel Azmi (Bollywood song writer), was presented.

Tahzeeb Hafi and Ali Zaryoon (Social Media stars in Urdu poetry), Ankita Singh (Queen of

Social Media/kavitri), Madan Mohan, Azhar Iqbal, Umair Najmi and Anil Chobey (Hasya Kavi), powered the event with their thoughts and skills. New talent included Chirag Sharma, Khurram Afaq, Zahid Basheer and Ikram Arfi.

The Main Sponsor was GRI (Gulf Rubber Industries) and the Key Sponsor was Shalimar. Associate Sponsors included AIMS, ALTEK, Baskin Robbins, Saadflex and Gotche Middle East. Co-sponsors were Loyal Electrical Contractin­g, Pvtech, Lubi, Facade Trading and Des Pardes.

Organisers Shazia Kidwai, Rehan Siddiqui and Urfi Kidwai, have been working together for more than a decade for bringing the rich poetical treasures of the subcontine­nt to the Gulf and overseas. Andaaz-e-bayaan Aur Mushaira/ Kavi Sammelan also organises a similar event in Lucknow, India, in the State of Utar Pradesh.

Andaaz-e-bayaan-aur Mushaira/kavi Sammelan is one of the highest viewed poetry programmes digitally, and is appreciate­d globally. Its virtual audience cuts across the globe.

Mushaira is a poetic symposium. It is an event where poets gather to perform their works. It is part of the culture of North India, Pakistan and the Deccan (central region in India), and is regarded as a forum for free self-expression.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the Urdu word “Mushaira” comes from the Arabic word “musa’ara”, meaning, “vying poetry”.

Urdu poetry atained a decisive position in 17th century India when Mughals establishe­d their dominion. It was thought then that shairy or poetry, should be recited in a gathering of minds with sufficient understand­ing of the language, so they may enjoy, criticise, and ultimately appreciate what was recited.

The audience oten interacts with the poets, most oten with encouragin­g calls of “Wah! Wah!!” at the end of especially appreciate­d couplets. There may be calls for the poet to repeat a couplet, or the audience might spontaneou­sly repeat it themselves.

In contempora­ry times, the combinatio­n of traditiona­l Mushaira and Kavi Sammelan (gathering of Hindi language poets) has given a big thrust to Mushaira/kavi Sammelan, which are now being organised globally.

 ?? ?? A poet in full flow at the event.
A poet in full flow at the event.

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