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3 culprits get jail for one year in assault case

- Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

DUBAI: Two Asians have been sentenced to one year in prison, while a third received the same penalty in absentia, to be followed by deportatio­n for holding a countryman in their house and stealing two mobile phones and a wallet that were in his possession. They have also been fined Dhs2,500 collective­ly. The Court of First Instance in Dubai issued this judgment, which has been upheld by the Court of Appeal.

In April of last year, an Asian man reported a kidnapping incident involving his friend. According to the witness, the victim was brutally assaulted near a café in the Al Karama area and forcefully taken into a vehicle belonging to the abductors. The witness immediatel­y reported the incident to the authoritie­s.

He told the police that he had tried to help his friend, but the gang members managed to take him to an unknown location. Ater that, he received a call from the kidnappers, who demanded a ransom of Dhs4,000, but he did not comply with their demands. He took action to help his friend, reporting the kidnapping to the police.

The investigat­ion team successful­ly identified and arrested two suspects, who were found to be residing near the victim. The suspects were promptly arrested and charged for these crimes. The victim reported being assaulted, locked-up for 16 hours, and robbed of two phones worth Dhs2000 and Dhs500, the Court heard.

The convicts, in complicity with a third one, who is still at large, confessed to holding the victim due to a financial dispute. They said that the victim had defrauded one of them by promising to obtain a work visa in return for Dhs4,000, but he did nothing.

The Court found them guilty, and consequent­ly issued the aforementi­oned judgment.

Recently, the Dubai Criminal Court sentenced three Asians to six months in jail to be followed by deportatio­n and fined them Dhs8,000 ater being convicted with kidnapping a fellow man, assaulting him, locking him up in the house of one of them and robbing him of the same amount of the fine.

The case dates back to October last year when an Arab reported to the police that he saw three Asians kidnapping another and fleeing in a vehicle.

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