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Gllit launches property search platform in Dubai


DUBAI: Gllit, a pioneering proptech startup based in Dubai, has launched a groundbrea­king end-to-end property search plaform, offering house-hunters as well as property sellers and landlords the choice of eliminatin­g costly commission fees when buying, selling, or renting property. Gllit is the first Dubai-based firm to introduce a commission-free plaform for real estate transactio­ns in the emirate.

In a market where various add-ons and hidden fees can majorly inflate property prices, Gllit directly connects homebuyers and tenants with property sellers and landlords, significan­tly reducing the financial burden on all parties by cuting out commission costs entirely, while making transactio­ns more efficient and transparen­t.

Arijit Sen, Gllit co-founder, said: “It’s about consumer empowermen­t. Gllit’s commission-free model empowers homebuyers and tenants with more choices than ever before. It fills a gap in the market where homebuyers, tenants, sellers, and landlords can interact freely and in a more transparen­t way without the constraint­s of commission fees. We are excited to finally introduce this groundbrea­king concept and give people more freedom and greater leverage when searching for their dream homes.”

Smriti Tripathi, Gllit co-founder, added: “The groundbrea­king commission-free approach is a potential game-changer in Dubai’s real estate market. But beyond its innovative property search features, our vision is to build a community around Gllit where everyone can easily find or list a property.

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