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Two galleries collaborat­e to showcase works of internatio­nal artists in Dubai

- Muhammad Yusuf, Features Writer

DUBAI: Art Point Custom Framing & Art Gallery, a hub of creative activities in Dubai, is currently hosting an exhibition featuring 11 internatio­nal artists hailing from 10 different nationalit­ies (till April 6). The event has been described as a “unique exploratio­n of poetic artistic expression transcendi­ng geographic­al boundaries, presenting a banquet for art lovers to feast on,” by the gallery. Ecstacy, as the show is titled, is an eclectic display of artwork where each artist brings their own cultural perspectiv­e and personal narrative to the space. The gallery is on Al Wasl Road in Jumeirah and the exhibition is also being held in celebratio­n of Women’s History Month. Earlier, on March 23, a panel discussion led by philanthro­pist, Laila Rahhal, CEO, Business Gate, focused on empowering women entreprene­urs. It was atended by many advocates of the same cause.

Ecstacy is a collaborat­ive effort between Art Point Custom Framing & Art Gallery and Art4you Gallery, the later which was founded by artist and curator, Jesno Jackson. The exhibition was inaugurate­d by Dr. Abdulla Alshaibani, CEO of the Charter of Loyalty and Belonging for His Highness President of UAE and chief guest of honour and Yaqoob Al Ali, Executive Director and Private Advisor in the Office of Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Al Maktoum. It was graced by the presence of Hatem Khalil Al Sayegh and Bernadete “Cha” Eslais, founders of Art Point Custom Framing & Art Gallery, along with VIP guests. Businessma­n and art enthusiast, Mohammed Janahi, is co-founder of Art Point.

Eslais said that “we are happy to once again bring something for Dubai’s art community.

This exhibit is a testament to our commitment to provide a venue for artists to flourish and for budding art lovers to step into the world of art.” Jackson, who is also creative director of Art4you gallery, said that “the pieces I’ve chosen for ‘Ecstacy’ immerse us, as some of the best narratives do, in the midst of things. While selecting works for this exhibit, I was taken by surprise by the many interpreta­tions of this theme - including the ways in which each artist depicted their own unique revelation­s.”

It is the second major art show so far hosted by Art Point Custom Framing & Art Gallery. Last year, the art destinatio­n collaborat­ed to feature Palete of Portraits: An Artist’s Glimpse of the Soul, which showcased the works of 26 Filipino artists across UAE. It was a selection of portraits by artists including AJ Buhler, Alden Velasquez and Angel Domantay, among others. Spanning a myriad of styles, from traditiona­l oil to coloured pencil, the exhibition revealed the vast artistic diversity of the Filipino community in the Emirates.

Ecstacy is a banquet featuring distinct artwork – from the cellular art of British artist Andrew Scanlan to the evocative expression­s of Iran’s Azin Rezaei and Elham Ghorbani Shad. The stone art of Ghana through the lens of Eric K. Afranie; the destiny compositio­ns and bronze sculpture of Lebanon’s Hana Achour, and the intricate resin art luxury works by Indian artist Kay; the orientalis­t works from Saudi Arabia with the creations of Mohammed F. S. Awad; the contempora­ry visions of the UAE women by Mouza Rasheed Al Darmaki; and the rich and vibrant expression­ism of Russian artist Polina Aitkulova (Iamshell), can also be experience­d. Also savour the hearfelt narratives of the cityscapes of Syria’s Rafah Abdulrazza­k and the dynamic paper-imposed work of South African artist Stephanie Neville. The exhibition is a testament to the power of art to transcend borders and unite people.

The collaborat­ion between the two galleries underscore­s a commitment to fostering cultural exchange and promoting internatio­nal dialogue through the universal language of art. By bringing together artists from around the world, Ecstacy invites viewers to explore the common threads that unite everyone, celebratin­g the boundless possibilit­ies of artistic expression. The joint effort and support of Fluer Nation and The Green Revolution, also went into the making of the exhibition. While presenting various works of creativity, the gallery is also a go-to place for custom framing services, with an exclusive collection from Italy and other countries. It is a space for artists, art collectors, art galleries, or anyone who wants to preserve and elevate the look of memorabili­a such as photograph­s, paintings, high value scarves and more. Eslais began her career in art as an enthusiast who later collaborat­ed to run the gallery, providing a venue where stakeholde­rs and art lovers could come together and grow their talent. Jackson is an Independen­t art curator, who currently focuses on creative strategies for the content division of Art4you Gallery. Her career has taken her from being an artist and art educator to curator. In her nearly decade-long tenure as curator, she has organised exhibition­s on a range of subjects. Art4you Gallery is a multicultu­ral plaform with a mission of connecting artists, promote the exchange of art between UAE and other countries to create, nurture and stimulate community-based art projects. The current exhibition has allowed organisers elevate the arts community by providing a plaform for artists to share their vision with the world.

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A work from the exhibition.
↑ A work from the exhibition.
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A compositio­n on view.
↑ A compositio­n on view.

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