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LIKE other con­cepts such as mind­ful­ness, sto­icism is un­earthed from it’s an­cient roots in the Ro­man stoic philoso­phers. This be­ing be­sides the point, it goes to show that aware­ness af­ter all, is the key to keep­ing up with a liv­ing­ness that isn’t easy. Mind­ful­ness also has its roots in aware­ness as does sto­icism (“The sim­ple stoic se­cret of hap­pi­ness,” Sept. 29, The Gulf To­day).

But the au­thor has made use of good terms and phrases such as “an at­ti­tude of calm in­dif­fer­ence to­wards ex­ter­nal events”. Isn’t that what suc­cess­ful liv­ing is about, if liv­ing can be called suc­cess­ful at all? Mas­ter­ing sto­icism would mean liv­ing the high­est lev­els of aware­ness, some­thing that is very eva­sive and quite out of reach for us mere mor­tals. But there is no harm in striv­ing to add qual­ity to liv­ing­ness isn’t it. Ri­cardo Simões

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