Trio fined Dhs150,000 for tele­com fraud

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Dubai: a tele­com com­pany sales man who used his fe­male su­per­vi­sor’s el­i­gi­bil­i­ties to help fraud­sters swin­dle iphones was pun­ished with them on Thurs­day.

The Asian sales­man, 31, helped an Asian tech­ni­cian, 36, and visi­tor, 32, in con­duct­ing fraud­u­lent ac­tiv­i­ties tar­get­ing a tele­com com­pany’s branch in Hatta be­tween De­cem­ber 2016 and March 2017.

A fugi­tive would coun­ter­feit doc­u­ments. The visi­tor and tech­ni­cian would de­liver them to the sales­man to is­sue iphones. The tech­ni­cian would sell them, ac­cord­ing to records at Hatta Po­lice Sta­tion.

In the case in ques­tion, they pre­sented some­one’ s lost emi­rates id and fake copies of doc­u­ments of a café where that per­son al­legedly worked. They ap­plied for three iphones and six SIM cards.

They swin­dled ser­vices worth Dhs14, 475. The Dubai Crim­i­nal Court sen­tenced them to six months in prison af­ter which they will be de­ported. It also or­dered them to jointly pay a Dhs150, 000 ine.

A Ye­meni sergeant said cops found three peo­ple us­ing the phones. They di­rected cops to a shop where they bought them. The shop owner pulled out a re­ceipt show­ing he bought them from the tech­ni­cian.

The tech­ni­cian upon ar­rest con­fessed and said he and the visi­tor swin­dled them with the help of the tele­com sales­man. The tech­ni­cian said he would sell each phone be­tween Dhs2, 700 and Dhs2, 900.

He would pay the sales­man some Dhs700 and hand the rest to the visi­tor. The visi­tor would re­ward him with Dhs500 on each suc­cess­ful mis­sion. The sales­man and visi­tor also con­fessed upon ar­rest.

On his part, the Emi­rates ID owner –a Pak­istani driver- testi­ied that he had gone shop­ping at Al Aweer Veg­etable Mar­ket when he lost the ID. He re­ported the loss to a po­lice sta­tion in Shar­jah.

The café owner –an Emirati busi­ness­man­said he went to the tele­com com­pany to ap­ply for in­ter­net ser­vices. An em­ployee told him six SIM cards is­sued in his café’s name had in­curred Dhs15, 600 bills.

The sales­man’s su­per­vi­sor –an Emirati woman, 41- sup­posed the sales­man stole her user­name and pass­word and mis­used them, or snuck in­side her ofice when she walked out leav­ing her com­puter on.

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