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Dear He­len,

I am 44 years old and don’t have enough stamina to han­dle my new girl­friend. I’m too em­bar­rassed to bring it up with her, but she ob­vi­ously re­alises by now and hasn’t said any­thing.

She is like an en­er­giser bunny. She needs to have sex ev­ery day and can’t keep her hands off me. At first I thought it was a good thing, but now I’m run­ning out of gas.

Is there any­thing I can do to in­crease my sex drive? – Pete

Dear Pete,

I’m guess­ing she’s quite a bit younger than you, so now you may un­der­stand what some peo­ple say that you should be care­ful what you wish for. I’m not mak­ing fun of you or your sit­u­a­tion in any­way, but older men need to re­alise when they go out with women 10, 15, 20 years or more their ju­nior that they may find it dif­fi­cult to keep pace with their younger part­ner af­ter a while. What’s nice is that she has not made any com­ment about you slow­ing down a bit. That sug­gests a sense of ma­tu­rity on her part.

Although you think she ‘has’ to have sex daily, she may be quite happy with the slower pace now that the gid­dy­ing days at the start of a new re­la­tion­ship has passed.

Med­i­cally speak­ing, are you get­ting enough sleep? Do you have a healthy diet? You can’t ex­pect to have a ro­bust sex life if you are not get­ting suf­fi­cient rest or eat­ing prop­erly.

But there could be other rea­sons that may be caus­ing you to slow down. I would sug­gest you go and see your doc­tor and have a gen­eral check-up. In fact, all men over the age of 40 should have reg­u­lar health checks, so if you haven’t done that re­cently, it’s im­por­tant to do so.

And if you have, as there’s a gen­er­alised change, it would be worth hav­ing a chat with your doc­tor about this in per­son. They may just lis­ten, but I sus­pect they’ll want to run some sim­ple blood tests and check your blood pres­sure, weight, etc.

I hope this helps.– He­len

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