From Pain to Pur­pose: Find­ing Heal­ing & Help­ing Oth­ers

Find­ing Heal­ing & Help­ing Oth­ers

Better Health - - CONTENTS - By Char­lene Smith

The af­ter­noon sun tor­mented me as I dis­em­barked the Sam Lord’s Cas­tle bus, and im­me­di­ately my de­fence­less eyes, like refugees, pen­e­trat­ingly searched for sanc­tu­ary and spot­ted a small shadow cast by a Light & Power pole. I was pro­pelled by my body into this asy­lum and be­gan mus­ing about my lack of trans­porta­tion. My wal­low in self-pity was cut short when the woman who ea­gerly of­fered to col­lect me had ar­rived with her car’s air con­di­tion at full blast. And like a saviour, she whisked me away to her treat­ment cen­tre in Union, St Philip. Lit­tle did I know, the brief jour­ney she took just to col­lect me in the hot sun was an act of self­less­ness, as she suf­fers with a skin con­di­tion that is ad­versely af­fected by ex­po­sure to sun­light.

As we sat down, the room lightly chilled by a well work­ing air con­di­tioner, sweetly scented by or­ange air fresh­ener, and dec­o­rated with golden ta­pes­tries and valances, my host be­gan to speak. Our con­ver­sa­tion served to not only lift my mood, but im­bued in me a phys­i­cal feel­ing of well­ness and peace. I now know that Dr An­gela Moore, a holis­tic life coach, not only lifts the mood of her clients and pro­pels them to­wards well­ness, whole­ness and har­mony, but she is also an or­dained min­is­ter, natur­o­pathic doc­tor, in­te­rior dec­o­ra­tor, jew­ellery maker and a pow­er­ful busi­ness woman.

Dis­cov­er­ing Pur­pose

An­gela humbly at­trib­uted her achieve­ments and suc­cesses to God, who she said al­ways had a hand in her life and led her to be­com­ing the woman she is now.

“My en­tire early life was a train­ing ground that set me in the po­si­tion to help oth­ers. As a child I was sick all the time. When I was 23, it got to a point that I couldn’t get out of bed prop­erly,” she said.

An­gela did not know what was wrong with her and nei­ther did any of her doc­tors. She then went to a natur­o­pathic doc­tor who told her it was a gall­blad­der prob­lem. She be­came in­spired by that doc­tor’s abil­ity to di­ag­nose and rec­tify her ail­ment.“i thought to my­self that since he was able to iden­tify [the ill­ness] and heal me, I should be able to do it as well. I then went to the school to learn it.”

Dur­ing the time of An­gela’s di­ag­no­sis, she had al­ready gained cer­ti­fi­ca­tion in Food Science and Tech­nol­ogy, Mas­sage Ther­apy and Colon Hy­drother­apy from the Bar­ba­dos Com­mu­nity Col­lege, the Sa­muel Jack­man Prescod Polytech­nic and Florida’s Re­newed Life Colon Hy­drother­apy School, re­spec­tively. An­gela went on to at­tain cer­ti­fi­ca­tion in Natur­opa­thy from Mind and Body Natur­o­pathic School in Texas and in Nu­tri­tional Mi­croscopy from the Cen­tre for Nu­tri­tional Medicine in Ge­or­gia.

She grad­u­ated at the top of her class, a feat she at­tributes to the pre­req­ui­site train­ing she had re­ceived at Pa­tri­cia Clarke’s Colon Hy­giene Cen­tre. How­ever, her feats are not to be triv­i­alised; her top achieve­ments were gained in spite of dys­lexia, which had af­fected her since child­hood. She also bat­tles a skin con­di­tion called melasma, which causes se­vere dark­en­ing of the face and neck when ex­posed to sun­light.

Di­ag­nosed with melasma in her late 20s, An­gela de­cided that in­stead of let­ting her con­di­tion de­press her, she would try to find a cure for it: “My quest to find or­ganic prod­ucts to heal me led

me to all of those prod­ucts. At first, I cre­ated 35 skin care prod­ucts in [an ef­fort] to man­age and solve my med­i­cal prob­lems.”

Un­be­knownst to her, this pos­i­tive prob­lem-solv­ing ap­proach set her on the road to pro­duce over 100 en­vi­ron­men­tally friendly, or­ganic prod­ucts, and to re­ceive a grant from the United Na­tions De­vel­op­ment Pro­gramme.

An­gela, in ret­ro­spect, views her chal­lenges and sick­nesses as step­ping stones to cre­ativ­ity: “When peo­ple see sick­ness they al­ways see it as some­thing neg­a­tive or some­thing de­monic. Mine was not neg­a­tive or de­monic, mine was el­e­va­tion in­fir­mity to al­low me to help oth­ers.”

Holis­tic Heal­ing

And help­ing oth­ers is ex­actly what An­gela does ev­ery day as she prac­tises holis­tic medicine, which she de­fines as “a form of medicine that treats the en­tire per­son – body, mind, spirit, at­ti­tude and emo­tions.” In this field, op­ti­mal heath is seen as an in­ter­de­pen­dent re­la­tion­ship and can only be at­tained if an in­di­vid­ual’s phys­i­cal, emo­tional and spir­i­tual state is each in good health and bal­ance. If you are emo­tion­ally com­pro­mised, then holis­tic medicine states that you will also be at risk spir­i­tu­ally and phys­i­cally. An­gela re­vealed that her main clients are males and the fore­most ail­ment she be­lieves af­fects the male pop­u­la­tion in Bar­ba­dos is aci­do­sis.

“The main prob­lem I see is aci­do­sis… their PH is off, they are very acidic. This can lead to hy­per­ten­sion, di­a­betes, gall­blad­der prob­lems, obe­sity, even can­cer. Your blood should have a ph of around 7.3, dis­ease be­gins from 5.0 down; this is the acidic zone.”

The holis­tic life coach be­lieves that it is very cru­cial to use or­ganic prod­ucts and stay away from chem­i­cals in or­der to be health­ier: “All of my prod­ucts are or­ganic… Peo­ple want to be healthy but would still buy a roll-on which con­tains parabens and alu­minium. If you can­not eat what you put on your skin it’s a waste of time.”

An­gela be­came a holis­tic healer af­ter she re­ceived holis­tic heal­ing her­self. An­gela, a Chris­tian for 30 years, who holds the ti­tle of Or­dained Min­is­ter in the USA, spoke of a pe­riod in her life when she was very un­happy: “God was bless­ing me and I was still un­happy and mis­er­able. I lost two chil­dren when I was younger and the mus­cle in my stom­ach was cut and I was in a very un­happy place.”

But then some­thing hap­pened that would change the course of An­gela’s ca­reer and life: “I had a vi­sion and

God spoke to me, and the Holy Ghost min­is­tered to me. God told me I need to come into his full­ness and re­vealed to me that the only way I could truly help oth­ers is if I re­ceive heal­ing my­self.”

She quickly recog­nised that many of the things she thought were im­por­tant acted as a hin­drance to her be­com­ing what she be­lieves God had or­dained for her to be.

“The world tells you that the ma­te­rial way is the way to go, the il­lu­sion keeps you go­ing af­ter money and you never re­ally deal with your soul. When I found out what I was called to do, life be­came so much eas­ier and I felt more ful­filled. It breaks away ar­ro­gance and pride. When you come into your pur­pose it’s not about self-ex­al­ta­tion, it is about help­ing mankind. I re­ceived holis­tic heal­ing,” she said.

The 46-year-old said her num­ber one as­pi­ra­tion is to al­ways be the type of woman that she be­lieves God wants her to be ev­ery day. Af­ter this state­ment, she recog­nised that she can do any­thing and every­thing. Her achieve­ments are tes­ta­ment of this be­lief. An­gela con­ducts busi­ness in the Caribbean and USA, man­u­fac­tur­ing, sell­ing and man­ag­ing over 100 or­ganic prod­ucts. She metic­u­lously de­signs An­gela Moore Jew­ellery, which is hand­crafted in Lon­don and sold in Lon­don, At­lanta, Bar­ba­dos and St Maarten. She also heads a char­ity called Heal­ing Wa­ters and trav­els the Caribbean and USA min­is­ter­ing, preach­ing and shar­ing the word on holis­tic health.

As a proac­tive woman, An­gela be­lieves your ac­tions speak louder than your words; she be­lieves in work­ing hard in silence and let­ting her suc­cess speak. How­ever, she re­it­er­ated the im­por­tance of hav­ing a re­la­tion­ship with God and what she be­lieves is true wealth:

“The key to all of this is to come into the full­ness of Christ. I do not be­lieve in reli­gion. I be­lieve in Je­sus. I be­lieve only through Je­sus can you be­come whole. Some re­li­gions keep peo­ple boxed in their mind. Rich­ness and poor­ness is not in the bank ac­count, but is a state of mind.”

So although An­gela’s life had its ups and downs, she has found ful­fil­ment through spir­i­tual growth and help­ing oth­ers.

"All of my prod­ucts are or­ganic…"

Dr An­gela Moore (left) con­duct­ing a dry blood anal­y­sis for client David Hood.

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