Is 40 the New 30? Part 4

Why You Should Just Do It!

Better Health - - CONTENTS - By Har­ri­ette Skeete

Do you guys re­mem­ber a few ar­ti­cles back when I en­cour­aged you to try new things? Well guess what?

Idid it a few weeks ago and I, Har­ri­ette “Sun­shine” Skeete, de­cided to take time for me. Oh my gosh... the shock and the hor­ror of it! How dare you, a 40-year-old who is a wife and mother with count­less re­spon­si­bil­i­ties, de­cide to take time off for just you? Con­ven­tional wis­dom states that this is a ter­ri­ble idea, but at 40... who cares about con­ven­tional wis­dom?! So yes, af­ter I dis­cussed it with my hus­band, I booked a flight to the small and quaint is­land of Tobago.

I did this with a lit­tle bit of trep­i­da­tion; af­ter all, I was go­ing to a place I had never been be­fore and where I knew no one. The more con­ser­va­tive part of me said, “Maybe you should wait and go with your fam­ily; af­ter all, you don’t know any­one. What if some­thing hap­pens? What if you don’t like it? What if...?” So, I po­litely told Ms Con­ser­va­tive to shut up. I turned down her vol­ume and I said to my­self, “Just Do It!”

When I left Bar­ba­dos, it was bit­ter­sweet; though ex­cited, I did not know what ad­ven­tures would await. And worst of all, the guilt came. Oh man, it came like a tor­nado when I bent down to kiss my five-year-old and she held my face and looked in­tently at me with tears in her eyes and asked why I wasn’t tak­ing her with me. So, I took a deep breath and hubby took over ex­plain­ing that mummy was go­ing on va­ca­tion and will be back soon and that he was tak­ing them to the beach to have fun. Cri­sis averted! Thank God for my hus­band.

When I ar­rived in Tobago, it was as beau­ti­ful as I imag­ined, and I im­me­di­ately set about plan­ning my week. I must say there was some­thing lib­er­at­ing about know­ing that I could do, what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it!

On day one, I de­cided to take a drive, which lasted about an hour and 15 min­utes, to a place called the Ar­gyle Falls; it kind of sounds fore­bod­ing, doesn’t it? Any­ways, I trav­elled with the guide through old co­coa plan­ta­tions for about 20 min­utes, and then we ar­rived at the wa­ter­fall and it took my breath away; it was ma­jes­tic. The wa­ter­fall had sev­eral lay­ers, and you were en­cour­aged to hike to each level. Feel­ing ad­ven­tur­ous, I was keen to start the climb to see what other beau­ties would be re­vealed. Mak­ing my way up to what seemed to be a treach­er­ous path, I sum­moned my in­ner In­di­ana Jones and started to jour­ney one slip­pery step at a time. Ev­ery step seemed un­sure and shaky at best, but I con­tin­ued on, know­ing that I would be re­warded for this ar­du­ous task. can’t be­lieve I was there and as I looked around, I re­alised that I was alone, alone en­joy­ing this mo­ment – a mo­ment carved out in time never to be seized again and I rev­elled in it. I went di­rectly into the wa­ter­fall so I could feel the power of the pul­sat­ing wa­ter on my back, and time stood still for a mo­ment. It was eu­phoric and I was cap­ti­vated – no words, just feel­ings, and I re­alised then that I was at peace. Each day af­ter that was one ad­ven­ture af­ter an­other, whether I de­cided to go out and ex­plore the is­land or lie in my bed un­til I felt like get­ting up. The free­dom that I felt was amaz­ing – no pres­sure, no stress, no rush­ing. I will never this for­get this va­ca­tion and I en­cour­age ev­ery­one to take time for your­self so that you can main­tain a healthy bal­ance of mind, body and soul.

IBy the way, in the spirit of try­ing new you re­mem­ber the Brazil­ian wax? Need­less to say dear read­ers, it is not for the faint­hearted and I learned from the lovely wax spe­cial­ist at the spa I went to in Tobago that I was the first per­son ever to scream and cry in their spa. She did tell me that the pain would be worth it, and it was!

I fi­nally reached the top and it did not dis­ap­point. It was one of the most beau­ti­ful sights I have ever seen, cas­cad­ing thun­der­ous wa­ters and flut­ter­ing mists of wa­ter jump­ing to ev­ery beat. As the sun­light de­scended, a mul­ti­tude of rain­bows danced with a Caribbean rhythm.

Har­ri­ette “Sun­shine” Skeete is a life coach, trainer and mar­keter. Keep fol­low­ing her ar­ti­cle as she shares in­ti­mate de­tails on what it’s like to turn 40.

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