Black Fri­day tek­ing ova In­de­pen­dence

UK Barbados Nation - - EDITORIAL - Mavis Beck­les

WELL, I gine tell ya: judg­ing from the way things look and looked, nuh­body woulda evah guess or even be­lieve dat Bar­ba­dos was cel­e­brat­ing

52 years of In­de­pen­dence.

I mean, things have tuh be re­ally brown in this place when not even a piece o’ buntin could be vis­i­ble, even pon some Gov­ern­ment build­ings.

Well, the lights and dis­plays pon the var­i­ous round­abouts have be­come a thing of the past. If ya see five o’ dem wid any kind o’ dis­play or lights pon dem, ya good. The truth is, I ain’t get in ’Town yet tuh see how The City look or the way how the Pub­lic Build­ings light up but I see a pic­ture of it in the news­pa­pers.

Tuh be hon­est, I cahn say dat I ain’t hear nuh lo­cal mu­sic. I would be telling lies ’cause some o’ the ra­dio sta­tions was play­ing some o’ the old lo­cal songs ev­ery day. Some o’ dem, I hear, was even do­ing in­ter­views wid a few o’ the older en­ter­tain­ers.

But you would know dat af­ter the 30th, all the good old Ba­jan mu­sic done wid and it right back tuh the for­eign stuff. Some busi­ness places was play­ing lo­cal mu­sic, and ya know some­thing? We doan re­alise how much peo­ple love tuh hear sweet lo­cal mu­sic.

I must say dat Carl­ton does be al­ways pon the ball when it comes tuh mu­sic in dif­fer­ent sea­sons. The other day I was in there pick­ing up a cou­ple o’ things and al­though my pocket book was groan­ing and hol­ler­ing fuh mur­duh whenevah I pick up some­thing and look at the price, I couldn’t help singing along wid the sweet Ba­jan songs that was flow­ing all through the store.

It made dat other­wise stress­ful ex­pe­ri­ence sum­much eas­ier tuh bear. And the other thing is this: evah­body I pass as I browse up and down the aisles was hum­ming and singing along wid the lo­cal songs from Wendy Al­leyne And The Dy­nam­ics, Car­lyn Lea­cock, Richard Stoute, the Es­corts, Mike Grosvenor, Ch­eryl Hack­ett – you name it, dem was singing it.

Mix lo­cal mu­sic

I know dat Carl­ton does play mu­sic all the time no mat­ter what sea­son it is but I just knew that from De­cem­ber 1 the Christ­mas

mu­sic would be rip­ping. One thing I would like tuh ask dem, though, is tuh mix in the lo­cal mu­sic wid all the other gen­res dat dem does be play­ing all the time through the year.

One last thing I gine tell ya be­fore I fin­ish up this col­umn and it is this: Ba­jans love a piece o’ copy­ing, hear? Look, I ain’t know the mean­ing tuh this Black Fri­day thing and it look like I is the only body ’cause it like it take ovah from the word In­de­pen­dence one time. Now, I does watch the Amer­i­can chan­nels some­times and evah sin­gle one ya turn tuh, Black Fri­day was dom­i­nat­ing, even more so than the very Thanks­giv­ing.

Up tuh now duh still advertising this Black Fri­day,

and the Ba­jan busi­ness peo­ple jump on pon it like wild­fire. It wasn’t nuh more In­de­pen­dence

sales – dat was too low class, outta style and wasn’t say­ing a pang tuh some busi­ness peo­ple.

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